rookie records

anyone know where i can find league and team rookie records? not even the cfl website has rookie records listed. passing, rushing, tackling, kicking, etc.

also, debut game records would be awesome!

a couple of seasons ago the ticats had some rookie qb make his debut and he lit up the scoreboard. i called the postgame show from usa to ask if he approached the cats or league record for passing yards on debut, and the commentators and their staff didn't know!

does anyone know the rushing record for a debut game?

You may have to venture into various publications to get information on Rookie records.

The CFL Facts, Figures & Record Book has an extensive Record Book but I think you can count on one hand the number of records that relate to first season players.

Another source to check out may be individual team Media Guides. I went through one a few years ago (it was available online back then). There were quite a few team records for first season players.

No idea where you would look for first game records.

Good Luck!

anybody else get a laugh over who made that second post?