Rookie Powell to start at quarterback for Ticats versus unbeaten Argos


May he have a Joe Zuger moment.


Or a Chuck Ealey moment.

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I’d settle for Ken Hobart.

From my memory, I’d prefer a first-year Mike Kerrigan performance.


Anything but a Timm Rosenbach moment.


Who was that other ex-NFL QB we had for a cup of coffee arount the Timm era?
I am thinking ex-Penn State, votes for Heisman Trophy but could be mis-remembering.

Chuck Ealey did win a Grey Cup with Hamilton. Unfortunately injuries shortened his CFL career.

TJ Rubley???

Not TJ
Let me do a little research.

I mislead with the Penn State.
Don McPherson was the guy, thought he was the saviour.

42.5% completion
14 TDs and 28 INT as a Ticat
Right up there as the worst QB in memory.

Top All Time Syracuse QBS
Bernie Custis was certainly a better pro than DM.


Well Powell appears to be able to throw a pass wich is an improvement from Newman, re retro QBs _ Tod Dillan always got to field goal range ! Did he ever recover from the dirty hit he took from Dexter Manley?

No Timmy Changs here please lol

Who’s that backup that became a starter briefly, before Printers,around 2006? He threw for 400 yards in his first start. Eaken?? Something like that.
I want that today.
Edit: found it

The most absolute worst by far first (and only) start by a rookie QB for this team had to be back in 2000 when Billy Dicken filled in for an injured Danny Mac .

He was beyond atrocious and his stat line for that game reads like this…

32 passes / 10 comp / 31.2% / 163 yds / 0 tds / 5 ints / QB rating 9.8

I still remember I believe it was Milton of the Spec called him Billy “the skid” the next day in his game review and actually got some push back from the team for his criticizing and name calling of Dicken .

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Tom Porras

It wasn’t Milton it was Larry Sicinski. There was a physical altercation in the locker room between him and Ozzy over that comment.

Ah OK I thought it was one or the other of the two . I also do remember the thing about Ozzy taking offense to what he had said about Dicken and his performance on that day .

Lancaster said he considered punting on 2nd down.

Looks like we’re gonna need Powell for a couple more games at least.

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We need to find an angry QB. Seems to work for the Argos.

He didn’t look bad at all for his first start. He surprised everyone including the Argos with his running. He was probably told in college not to run, but to survive in the CFL you have to use your legs. A running QB is an extra weapon