Rookie of the Year?

With all of the doom and gloom with 3000 people showing up at a game that was only viewed by 240k on TV.. I thought I'd try to interject some positivity on to this board. This should be a tough choice in that the rookie of the year may only end up playing a third of the season. You gotta give it to Mathews if he can get Hamilton to still finish first.. Or maybe I'm missing a player who will have a bigger impact on his team this season. ... id=5061842

Jennings ahead of Mathews for QBs, but I don't think either will win. offensive leader I think is D. walker

I suspect it will be a D player though

Who?.. I have fallin asleep or just stopped watching about half of the games this year.. Plus I usually MUTE the sound,so its not like I can hear the new names... Often watch the games at the pub as well,and they don't have the sound either.. Plus I'm on my phone while games are being played and seem to just follow enough to catch the big plays while trying to ignore all the penalties and reviews.. I honestly wonder if I'll even be a fan in another 5 years...haha.. So much for the

You know, you've made this point a number of times now and I think I can speak for everyone when I say "we get it".

There are plenty of threads about the number penalties and games that are "unwatchable". Can you be a sport and let this one be about the rookie of the year for those who DO still watch and enjoy the league?

Good luck with that. You'll have to overcome the negativity of people like the clown that started this thread ...

... or the whiner who hijacked the current thread with complaints only three posts in (much to the chagrin of the OP, no doubt).

are we sure that Jennings is eligible?

is the Argos Gurley not eligible for ROY being this is his first season in the CFL?

He has nearly 800 yds receiving and leads the league with 10 TD's which should at least give him a nom.

Wtf.. I never posted that on the ticat forum.. Someone either copied it or moved it... I don't post on team forums usually.. I just post on the main CFL board and on the off topic board

if you go to my original post and click the link it says that Jennings is eligible...Gurley is not listed. He must have cracked an NFL roster before

Yeap.. Gurley had one catch for 15 yards in the NFL.. He is not a he is 28

age is not a factor for eligibility, but it is a crime he is not a candidate because of a measly single catch in the NFL.

Jennings? didn't he play in only one game?

do you know how to check stats at

TSN threw up a graph that tracked CFL QBs first four starts. Jennings was not to far down on the list and only trailed the likes of Garcia and Ray. Considering how much less offense there is in today's CFL compared to when Flutie was throwing up 6500 yards a season,this is a very impressive feat.

Last I heard nfl experience didn't count for beans when being considered as a cfl rookie.

Besides you're all wrong anyway. ORTY will go to Jeff Matthews after Hamilton wins the Grey Cup

winning the cup is irrelevant to the award.

In fact, the ROY award is handed out before the Grey Cup is even played.

Still think Matthews has a shot, but Edmonton's Darrell Walker is probably the front-runner.

The problem is that Mathews has only played three full games so far, that is not enough time to evaluate someone for an award.

I'm simply going to disregard the last three posts. Matthews for East ROY.

joking aside, I could see Terrance Tolliver being Hamilton's nomination for ROY

The following is the eligibility criteria from a CFL press release 2 days ago;

[i]Wednesday, October 21, 2015 — TORONTO -- Below is a list of players who are eligible for the 2015 Most Outstanding Rookie award.

In order to be eligible as a candidate for the League award for the "Most Outstanding First Year Player" (Rookie Award), a player must meet the following criteria:
1.He has, in the current season, been named to the active roster of a member Club of the Canadian Football League at the time that club played in a regular season game; and

2.He has not:
a) In any prior season dressed for a member Club of the Canadian Football League at the time that club played in a regular season or playoff or championship game;

  • and -

b) In the current season or in any prior season, dressed for a member Club in the National Football League, at the time that club played in a regular season or post-season or championship game.

The link also includes a list of all eligible players by team.