rookie of the year

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my vote goes to Gable.

Its a toss up between Gable and Ellingson, both playing for the TiCats and both have had respectable seasons. I could also see it going to Chiles in Toronto just because thats the way the league operates some times. Brett Jones in Calgary is probably the most under rated offensive lineman, but this award rarely goes to an offensive linemen so I cant see him winning it.

in third I would probably put Jamie Robinson

I wish they would add a 'breakout player of the year' award as well. It is especially relevant because we see players come from the NFL who have basically ridden the pine for a few games, and do well. Also, somethimes players that just find their niche after a season or 2.

A guy like Brad Sinopoli would be a great candidate for such an award this season, for a guy who has found his role. Sheets a good exaample of an ex-NFLer fopr last season...he had what, one rush in the NFL and dressed for a couple games so was never considered a rookie in the CFL.

It’s too bad that it’s one player per team,because in reality it really should be between two Cats:Ellingson and Gable for rookie of the year honors…earlier on my vote would have gone to Ellingson,but unfortunately he got injured and has missed the last 3 games and maybe more,Gable would get my vote now,and should win the award in a landslide :smiley: :thup:

[url=] ... HIGHLIGHTS[/url] CJ GABLE :thup: 2013 CFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR :thup:

#32.....THE HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REEL....JUST WATCH!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

Mike Edem. A lot tougher to step in and play defense at an all star level in the CFL than play the receiver position. Edem is the best safety in the CFL this year. But of course this will come down to a popularity contest.

I would agree Edem has probably had the best season from wire to wire so far than any other rookie in the league.
Right now however Gable has probably grown into the best rookie player

I always thought that the CFL should have an award for the top newcomer of the year. A player without rookie status but in his first season in the CFL.

Edem has started every game for the Als. Gable has put together a handful of good games and hasn't even started all games this year.

its about quality of play, not quantity. within reason of course. Gable has played enough, specially if he finishes off the season without injury.

Edem will most likely be the Al's choice......but in reality...he has zero chance at winning it.......and NO it has nothing to do with a popularity the way Gable is a running back,and is the BEST rookie this season hands down!!!!!
As for Edem being the best safety this year........your kidding right???? The Cats also have a rookie safety that is just as good if not better,perhaps you've heard of him?? Goes by the name of Courtney Stephen.These two players both have bright futures in the league,but your nuts if you think that Edem is the BEST safety in the league this year,one day both of them might be the best at their position,but right now both are still learning the game and neither can be considered the best.Once again if you think a popularity contest is going to win the rookie award this season.....Dream On!!!! Will see whose better in the next two weeks when the Cats maul,chew and spit out the Alouettes carcasses all over the field. :cowboy: :cowboy: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

You got to be kidding. The same Gable that ran for 29 yards in Moncton ? :wink:

Edem has 5 sacks, 3 interceptions. 2 fumble recoveries and 38 takles and 5 ST tackles.
Stephen has 0 sacks, 0 interceptions, 0 forced fumbles 30 tackles and 0 ST tackles

They aren't even in the same conversation.

Gable is ...

#1 in receiving yards for RB's.
#3 in yards from scrimmage.
#4 in rushing yards.
#6 in total combined yards.

Edem is not in Top 20 of any defensive statistical category.

Not sure what you are talking about.

He's #1 in the league at his position in Sacks, Interceptions and forced fumbles.

Unless you want to compare his sacks to defensive ends ???

Gable has done more than put together just a handful of good games. At one point it would have been between Ellingson and Edem but injury to Ellingson drops him. Gable is just the better rookie right now playing a RB spot where he is doing alot including receiving and blocking also is returning Kick offs pretty well

Valid point(s).

Don't get me wrong, I think Edem is a very good player & has had an outstanding rookie season & would have been the Eastern representative if it we not for Gable's highlight reel performances and offensive output and rankings at the top of the offensive categories.

These upcoming back-to-back games could very well be the tiebreaker & clinch it for one player or the other. If Gable goes over 150 combined yards in each, he wins. If Edem gets sacks or ints or ff's ... he'll still be in the conversation.

Gable and Duron Carter are having very good rookie seasons but I think Edem has been more consistent and playing 18 games or close to is a big deal for the rookie of THE YEAR. I think Edem and Brett Jones should represent East and West not taking anything away from guys like Ellingston, Carter, Tasker, Gable and others.

Yeah finishing the season strong is a big factor for me in particular with rookies who aren't used to the load.

In the first game Gable had 29 yards combined on offense and returned two kicks for 12 yards.
Edem had 1 sack and 1 forced fumble. 3 tackles

Right now Edem is one up. We'll see what the next couple weeks bring. :thup:

Ricky Schmitt is not a rookie? hrmmm.

Some love for John Chiles.