rookie of the year.

I can't think of anyone except Robert Edwards who has really had an impact. Any other suggestions?

gavin walls

I can. Sandro Deangelis. definetly the rookie of the year so far
at least I am pretty sure he is a rookie.

Good choice...

Question, Did Joffery Reynolds play too many games last year to qualify as a rookie this year?

if DeAngelis is in there, count Damon Duval in too...check the stats

Ryan Philips (Lions DB) for rookie of the year, no doubt. And Tyrone Williams for defensive player of the year.

Tony Tompkins? he returned a punt and a kickoff for tds this year.

A Rider fan here voting for Bomber defensive lineman Gavin Walls, I'd take him on our team any game DeAngelas has missed some big kicks lately and there are solid kick returners on every team so it looks like there really common in the cfl. I know he had 1 touchdown last game and I think he had another one as well so Gavin Walls.