Rookie of the Year

on the cfl site, theres a list of potential players up for rookie of the year per team. Moreno isnt available so it comes down to the remainding group. Peronsally, i believe the top choices are Setta, Keith, Curry, Bauman, Reid and Dyakowski. any thoughts?

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Setta is the only Ticat who has played consistently (and consistently well) all year. He would be my choice.

Bauman had a shot at it after the first few games he played, but then he had that big drop in Edmonton, and his game suffered.

I thought Bekasiak would be a force this year, but for whatever reason, he was absolutely invisible.

Zeke Moreno hasnt played consistently all year?

Zeke gets my vote

And Bekasiak will be on the O-line next year

Zeke isnt up for contention due to the fact that he hwas previously earned a starters salary in the NFL.

Zeke isn't eligible.


Cedric has held down a starters position all year and could be a future star, strong and smart.

The most striking thing about that list is that Hamilton has so many more rookies than anyone else. We're at 20, and no one else has more than 11.


Is there an Eastern Rookie of the year & a Western Rookie of the year or is it just for the whole Leauge?

I'll say this..

Eastern Rookie voting will go as this:
1-Nick Setta (Hamilton)
2 Randee Drew (Montreal)

Western Rookie voting will go as this:
1-Cameron Wake (BC Lions)
2- Tyler Ebell (Edmonton)

If theres just one award its going to Cameron Wake from BC, He leads the CFL in sacks with 12.

Disagree Zeek will be the East Winner
but wake will be Top Player over all