Rookie of the Year - Leading Candidates?

Who do you guys are the leading candidates for Rookie of the Year?

Cam Wake, Zeke Moreno, Nick Setta, Shabazz?

...doesn't really matter who the candidates are as Wake will be the unanimous winner....his stats are unparalleled....

Not Chance Zeke has more Tackles and Played Better Then Wake.

He will win it ..

We have to win Something Red and White..

Zeke ''and destroy'' Moreno

leading tackler, 2 ints, one returned for a td, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery

Wake, going into last night, had fewer tackles, but 3 forced fumbles and 11 sacks....he'd get my vote.

They play different positions , typically linebackers always have more tackles because of the position they play , so to go by that is an apples to oranges thing. Wake for a D-lineman has very high # of tackles and is the sack leader. How many sacks does Moreno have?? Oh , not even on the list , so Wake must be waayyy better than Moreno right? :roll:

I think Wake wins it hands down, but I'm worried that he'll bolt to the NFL after this year. Haven't seen such a dominant rookie in this league for a while.

I would have to agree he has been dominant in every game played this year. Cam Wake Rookie of the Year!

No doubt about that.

Wake or Moreno. Depends on the voters and what they value. Do they go with Wake because BC stats are so good or do they go with Moreno because he has been so consistent and productive on an otherwise lousy team with no support?
Gonna be alot closer than people expect.

Moreno has been great but it's hard to argue with Wake for ROY. As Suitor said last night, he better start writing that acceptahce speech.

I'd go with Wake myself. I'm just saying don't assume anything when dealing with the voters.

Rob Cote...

Rob Cote for Outstanding Canadian and possibly Rookie of the Year. Hands down.

If Zeke Moreno wins Rookie of the Year, I don't think there will be a reason for me to post on these forums anymore. Cameron Wake is the Rookie of the Year. There is no other choice. In the words of Glen Suitor, "You can pencil in Wake's name for Rookie of the Year. The young man better start working on his acceptance speech."

Neck and neck between Wake and Cote.

...had to log in just to say this: LOL....

Wow I forgot about Cote. Sorry Wake you have no chance.

....GO ZEKE GO!....GO ZEKE GO!....