Rookie Hopefuls

Hey guys I just wanted to start a thread to talk about some rookies that you may think might have a positive impact on our team in a couple years time or even right away.

I think that Ivan Birungi might have an impact in years to come if he can secure a spot in this upcomming training camp. Although he doesn't have blazing speed he makes up for it in size and hands. I've watched this guy play for a couple years now and I've liked his playing abillity. The reason why I'm interested in seeing how he does is because we desprately needed size at receiver last year and with Birungi there is quite a bit at 6'4" 226lbs.

I agree Bonds I'm hopeful that Birungi gets a shot in camp. I think he could be a good one.

Zeke and destroy Moreno.
The best Cats MLB since Calvin Tiggle

Also it would be great to have a Canadian Receiver in Ivan Birungi start in the future with or with out Ralph and Flemming, to allow us to have another good import player for one of the other skill positions or even a solid offencive lineman to inprove the protection. Therefore getting our receivers the ball a heck of a lot more than last season. That way we can see more offence and maybe just maybe get us a playoff game at home I know thats wishful thinking but hey I'm just thinking positive.

No offence to Zeke, but that's not saying much.

Maeko is not really a rookie .. but I hope he impresses

In 05, Barrencehea had 96 tackles (3rd in the CFL), 3 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries and 2 INTs.

I'm guessing that if Moreno gets handed the MLB job he will put up far superior numbers to those and that will somehow be saying something. :roll:

OK grasshopper, how good do you need to be?

Eastern all star 1994, 98, 99, 2000
All time single season tackler with 129 in 1994
Defensive league MVP in 1999 leading the beloved TiCats to a Grey Cup

"Best since Tiggle" means Tiggle was still better than Zeke, but Zeke is better than everyone who has played the position since Tiggle.

I think Auggie will surprize you all this year. I base this on nothing aside from my adoration and hopes lol
and I think before we judge Moreno we should see him play? thanks

"surprise you all"

Not sure his play would surprise me because i though he had a really fine year in 05 and a young player should continue to improve with experience (unless he has injury/health problems); however, I will be surprised if he starts at MLB with the new coaching staff coming in and I'll bet an import gets pencilled in as the starting MLB.

Nick Setta will be the next Damon Duval. You heard it here first.

Well if Barrenechea wants to impress he will have to put up numbers like the 05 season cuz last season he was no where to be found. But enough about him this topic is called Rookie Hopefuls not Barrenechea comparisons.

I think that young import receiver is gonna become a real possession guy for the Ti-cats and blow everyone out of the water... what was his name now... oh right you havent signed any receivers :stuck_out_tongue: lol
meh I'm sure the scouts will do fine in that regard and find some sharp guys

Hmmm could this import reciever be gasp Talman Gardner? Lets bring him back!

I think our offensive line rookies make or break this team for the next 5 years.

Sutherland - signed
Dyakowski - get him signed
Gagne-Marcoux - get him signed

Get these guys and camp and watch the impact.

This guys will get a look From The NFL..
They may Stick..