Rookie CB Dwight Anderson

Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters
The Hamilton Spectator Jun 11, 2007

A rookie's thoughts about the cornerback position

and other things.

He is having a great Training Camp competing
for a spot to become one of our cornerbacks.

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Is Ken Peters joking? The guy has no intelligence about football. In this article alone, he said that Dwight Anderson attended the Los Angeles Rams training camp. How long has it been since L.A. moved to St. Louis? Wake up! Then it says that Dwight was showing off his 4.9 speed. If Anderson ran a 4.9 he better be putting on atleast 100 pounds and play some defensive tackle. Ken Peters should be shown the door from the Balsam Bengals Bunker.

I was impressed with him from the very first day of rookie camp. He was the standout for me that day. He is fast, he's got good hands and he's really intense. I look forward to seeing what he can do in a "real" game.

yeh i went to the "scrimmage" and out fo all the guys in the d backfeild he stood out by far, he made 1 really nice INT for a run back and hes super quick on his feet i like the guy so far

What a terrible article. Ken needs a vacation. Let's say a vacation that lasts until December.

Typical it bad that I'm so use to reading these mistakes that it doesn't even bother me.

I was suprised
I thought new Ram Play in St Louis.

In Peters' article it states that Anderson is fighting Gordon for a starting job at corner. My understanding (based on training camp reports and posts) is that both these guys should be starters (instead of maybe looking at Karikari on the other corner. For those of you who have attended the practices, might O'Neil move Anderson to the other corner so he and Gordon can both start? Or is Karikari better than one of them?

My question is why Coach O`Neill is seriously thinking of Karikari playing at corner. Is this yet another "project" left over from previous regimes?

Let`s see, Karikari is an all-star Free Safety. Shaw and Beveridge are (IMHO) pathetic at safety (Beveridge having the slight advantage of being younger than Shaw).

The only possible reason that I can think of is to start 2 NI DBs for ratio purposes. Too bad - any opposing QB with a shred of skill at reading defences (I include Brady here, so you know how bad it is) would be salivating at the thought of Shaw starting at safety...

RFTT, I know you will be calling me out on Shaw. Let`s agree to disagre on this, shall we?

I also don't understand why Shaw is still the leading candidate to start again at safety when we have Karikari, who is younger, and who, unlike Shaw, was an all-star at that position.

Why not move Karikari back to safety, and, like I suggested previously, put Gordon and Anderson (who have both stood out at training camp) on the corners? (i.e. start both, instead of having one sit so Bradley can man the other corner).

What I don't understand is why you would try to convert karikari to corner when what we really need is defensive halfbacks... I'm not happy with Kornegay and Timothee competing for a starting position.

All I said about Wayne Shaw, sigpig, was

if Shaw earns the starting safety job again

he will have won the job under
3 different coaching regimes.

He must be doing something right if that happens.

Do remember that the final roster has not been set yet. Maybe people should think about why the staff might be doing what they are doing. Maybe Oniell is trying to test Bradely and Anderson against each other only to move them later? And maybe matching up abilities across the positions only to make necessary switches when the season starts. No point in having Bradley compete against someone he is likely to dominate for the position.

You may just have the answer, whoknows.

Training Camp: a risk-free time for experimentaton

Like seeing how Karikari a proven veteran safety
takes to playing the corner position, eh?

That's pretty funny, a cornerback showing off his 4.9 speed...of course if he actually did try out with the L.A. Rams maybe he has slowed down a tad since then. Its been awhile. :lol:

Or maybe 4.9 for the 200.

An Argo-Cat fan

according to Ken “someone provide me a fact checker” Peters, “Anderson inked with the Cats after spending some time in the Los Angeles Rams camp. He played two collegiate seasons with the University of South Dakota, after transferring from Arizona Western College.” This guy hasn’t played since 1994???

how many more threads do we honestly need bashing ken peters mistakes, knock it off already ur wasting good room on the board and pushing other good topics down the line, quit it already jeez, yes ken made a mistake, yes can makes it seem like he doesnt know much about football. and yes we alllllready knw this , ppl c'mon! there like 8 threads going now about todays paper chill out!

Do you see the irony of your reply to this thread? :lol:

Hey Sigpin,

You’re right on the money re: Shaw. I seen the guy out of position during the Sat. scrimmage and he got scorched. When he came of the field he got a tune-up from the backfield coach Gregg Butler, who didn’t let up on him.
Anyways back to Peter’s article…I didn’t see it the way Peter’s saw it. The best corner on the field was Lawrence Gordon. Yeah Anderson had a interception…but Gordon played superb when he was in. Anderson fumbled a kickoff that was routine.
Karikari should be playing safety not corner.
Shaw was the weak link in the secondary last year and when he got burned Sat. it was like deja vu all over again. :cowboy: