Rookie Camp

Started yesterday, hooray!!!

Really pumped about what Walters managed to do to address the Bombers needs.He certainly doesn't hold back when he wants something.Now we get to see how it all works out.

In 2 years Walters has taken the team from trying to find enough starting Nationals on the roster and scrounging the bottom of the barrel to find injury replacements to potentially being able to start 8 Nationals with youth and depth at each of the spots.

I'll be as interested as everyone else as to how Chris Randle does moving to the SAM, for now at least, to make room for Johnny Adams. Sounds like Adams had a stand out showing in the Florida minicamp and stood out again in the first rookie practice. Quite a few intriguing names added to the competition at multiple spots. Really excited to see how this team takes shape over the course of the camp and preseason.

It's amazing what he has done.He really has turned the team around.He identifies the problems, and addresses them, sounds easy, but , that is every teams challange.Yes it will be interesting to see what happens to Randle.He certainty was dominate where he was last year. But if you can move him to SAM and strengthen your team by doing so lets do it!

Starts at the top with Wade.

I wasn't too high on Walters' signing of former Argo Darvin Adams in FA but from the reports out of camp, sounds like he's really having a monster camp.

Also good to hear that Jordan Reaves is progressing well in re-adapting to football. If he doesn't make the active roster I hope they find some way to keep him around. Big body like his could really be an asset, like Jason Claremont maybe in his prime.