sorry guys, this one will be much more brief, i have to run to work soon, plus i ran into an old friend and was distracted for part of the time today. hopefully others were there and can expand on todays practice.. il try and keep it to guys that stood out, or dropped off...... im only gonna do a quick sum of the offensive guys as this is where more ppl are interested anyways

QBS: today pierce brink and dimichele all impressed me, they looked really sharp, especially buck... huge turnaround today for buck, he looked like he couldnt miss today, he showed me that he does have a pretty strong arm and awesome accuracy when he wants to. receivers overall had a lot more balls make plays on today because of the better throws imo. i didnt watch a whole lot of jyles thorwing the ball, but when he did i again wasnt that impressed. he is very good on the run tho.

RBS: emmanuell marc today really stood out for me, showed great quickness, and good change of direction ability. pretty much dominated the covering lbs in the one on ones and made some nice grabs, once again this rookie camp is hard to evaluate the rbs as they are not doing any actual running plays.

WRS: today i think will franklins stock went way down, had a couple very big drops, was visibly frustrated with hmself on the field, which cant bode well for his confidence going on. i still think he has the skills, and will continue on to main camp, but hel need to get back to his first day form to be competitive in this deep group.....

dj hall continues to impress, wasnt as flashy today but the guy flat out makes plays, i love that he always catches the ball away from his body, shows he has been well coached, and is confident in his hands, will allow him to pull in jump balls and give him an advantage over smaller dbs.

kenny strickland- had an even better second day, smaller guy, but he works his tail off, a never ending motor, he layed out for a great grab across the middle today on a laser from pierce, his hard work and determination are not going unoticed, coaches are singing his praises on the field.

terence jeffers harris- also had another good day, only one drop that i saw, made a few nice grabs, what i like about him is his effort, hes not the most polished receiver as hes only seen limited action in college, but he is very young and you can already tell he has the tools to be special, id love to see him make the team.

jabari-arthur = had a good rebound day as well, seemed sure handed today, and showed off some of the atjletism we had hoped to see in day one, up close this guy is an amazing physical specimen, if he continues to improve and impresses then he could be a major factor in the bomber offense this year, he is a big boy, if he can use that frame to his advantage he will be a productive starting NI for this team.

corey watson - im really impressed with this kid. has good size and good speed. hands have been great through two days, both days he has looked like one of the better and more confident players on the field... ralph and hargeaves better be ready to compete, cause if we are going to start to NI's its going to be a battle...

Just to some up, if there are 2 imp wr spots realistically available on the final roster (maybe 3 as an extra/kr)
as of right now id rate them 1. Hall 2. Jeffers Harris, 3. Strickland 4and5 franklin/shelton, 6. davis

and so far of the canuck receivers id rate them 1. watson, 2. arthur, 3. mchenry, 4. ionnides

Thanks again Towelie...really really appreciate your reports. It's nice that someone takes the time to share the rookie camp with others who aren't able to get there.


...ONCE AGAIN....nice review on day 2 camp.....I'm really surprised how good Watson is doing....NI's with his talent are highly coveted....could this be the end of Ralph....Guess we'll have to wait till everyones on board...but if i were Brock ..i'd be havin a good look over my shoulder :wink: Hall continues to impress :thup: great...If he measures up, when the real bullets start flying...this is gonna get very interesting.... :rockin:

hall and watson have been the two most impressive receivers overall... watson is playing like a vet despite only a few days ever in pro ball... he has great speed and good hands, arthur looked really good today too after what i thought was a poor performance yesterday... its very early but when we throw hargreaves and arthur into the mix... i fully expect there to be 2 starting canucks in the receiving corps this season

Here's a link to Tait's report:

The video from the post practice interview scrum is at the bottom. It seems we shouldn't read too much into players dropping the ball on day 1. LaPolice talks about that.

i actually made it out today since i was in the area with "work" this morning. i say "work" cuz its more like... apprentice but anyways.

ill just say that... i agree with towelie saying that jyles does not impress me that much either, especially compared to dimichele. AD looked good again today, i say again cuz consesus was he was most consistent yesterday also. I dont know about you towelie but i thought BUCK looked pretty awesome today. I thought Brink looked pretty decent aswell. I will say it will be interesting if both Brink and Dimichele light it up in pre-season and Jyles comes out and craps the bed. That will be an interesting choice they have. Right now.. If i had to right the qb's 1 2 3 4 from what i saw..
1.Dimichele 2. Pierce 3. Brink 4.Jyles. Jyles just looks weird to me, i dunno. I dont like what i saw from him outside of running with the ball.

Marc did look good today catching the ball... didnt see him run with it much tho and i suppose thats his main job + he's a lil older than bernard and reid even i do beleive so he would have to be lavarious giles 2.0 i think to make the team, how is he at blocking? i dont know. i liked the canadian kid too, the french guy.. senecal? thought he just well i was like who is that.. i still dont know who he is.. lol. he stood out abit also.

receivers.. again thought hall looked great and strickland.. wow, that kids impressive. He looks so small compared to the other giants on the field but... He's impressive. Agree with watson, kid looks like he's for real. Arthur i thought looked ok too, coming off an injury so.. could be put back on ir if neeed be. The rifles kid looked really decent too. Jeffers-Harris will make this team one way or another, kids 21. He's got skills. He's our arcenaux. Franklin looked crappy as did mchenry. I thought ionnides from what i saw of him looked better than franklin and mchenry.

rate em? sure. americans? 1. hall 2. jeffers-harris 2A. Strickland 4. franklin. canadians? 1. watson 2. arthur 3.rifles kid 4.ionnides 5. mchenry

ol.. all i noticed was kelly butler, didnt watch em much but when i did glance over... Mannnn... butler is a beast throwing people around left right and center.. the guy blocks out the sun... half of me got a tan today.. the other was stuck behind kelly butler :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Defensive line.. scott indeed looks pretty good, pushing guys around. D smith has some competition. He's the only one i noticed really tho.. the rest seemed similar? i guess i can say.

Linebackers.. Agree towelie.. thaine carter looked good.. thought houston looked pretty good. wallace i thought did not look that good, nkang i can see why he was an nfl draft pick but again... houston and carter looked like they belonged. C Smith the draft pick.. didnt see him, what number is he?

db.. again ill agree.. stuber,tate looked pretty darrn impressive.. there was another db who looked like he had some game too but... 42? is that hicks? Hicks,Stuber and Tate will push glover and craver for sure... We will be ok back in the secondary i think. Those kids have skill and speed. I heard the coaches tho tell them to turn to the ball sometimes tho but that will come. Jules should be cut immediately as should Donald Brown. both looked god awful and are really wasting reps for hicks,suber and tate.

Anyways.. Thats that. Good day.. heard a few guys got injured.. shelton and dj hall.. but.. hopefully not too serious. :slight_smile:

glad to see we saw a lot of the same killer… and yes i agree that buck had an amazing day, he was the best today, with dimichele a close second, then brink, and jyles a ways behind, i hope his job isnt a lock because if he doesnt pick up his game i think the backup should be up for grabs…

kelly butler is a monster, hes going to make this squad. and i think scott will really push smith and donny o in the middle

and yes killer u are correct 42 is hicks… and he has been solid, very aggresive and always in the thick of things, i agree and think our secondary will be just fine this year, i love the way kavis reed coaches the kids too, very excited, treats them all the same and like theyre on the team, trying to make them their best and get the most out of them rather than beat them down… the axe will fall soon enough no point in hurting there spirits until u see what they are fully capable of.

suber tate and hicks will make it to main camp and maybe beyond… sitting close enough to adarius bowman to hear his comments, hes pumped, he was surprised at how intense the competition was and how good some guys looked, he gave a lot of praise to stuber and wr strickland… cant wait to see these guys thrown in with the vets, going to be some good battles

good to hear man. its just an exciting time and yeah... from what i saw, about an hour or so's worth... looks to be pretty competitive and very well run too. joe mack on the field, helping out.. its very much a team environment.. what they are doing right now i think is teaching these kids the cfl game... some are catching on quickly.. some arent.

2 days in to rookie camp..

lets see what they can do in main camp :slight_smile:

tate butler and arthur they say all caught lapo's eye today :slight_smile:

Lapo just on h @ l… talking qb’s and camp… brief recap :slight_smile:

about the qb’s he said they have 1 guy who has started and won games and 3 guys who have solid potential. Praised dimichele for his efforts, says he has been laying em in there… athletic and praised him for being a leader of sorts also. was talking of the vets and singled out edwards,khan,bowman,charlton and jovon saying they have a strong desire to win and be the best they can be.

Said they arent thinking of making any cuts soon, said they are really just teaching them… right now and said that once the vets get to camp on sunday that the real camp will begin…

praised watson as a guy who has been standing out for all the right reasons. likes jabaris height and speed and when he waggles he really shows he has skills…

said butler is here to push for a roster spot. said all the guys are here to push for roster spots… says yesterday they had a meeting about being what it takes to be in the cfl and today they are stressing what staying power means…

seemed to really praise dimichele alot in his interview. lots of intangibles with the kid… he’s athletic, he can run, he can put the ball in there

i like the guy… he’s been solid from all accounts… and it wouldnt surprise me if

1.pierce 2. dimichele 3. brink are the starting 3 from what ive seen and heard from people who matter like the coaches. LOL

jyles has a cannon yes but so did michael bishop.

its too early to rate them but it wouldnt shock me if jyles is the odd man out… pre-season will show us that cuz u can bet your butt that all 4 are gonna get a quarter atleast. If not more.

Thanks so much towelie & killer for those reports, really good stuff.

Normally, I 'd be down there with you, but work has been insane, taking me out of town of late.

Thanks again.

np piggy, you vets usually carry the load around here, u can let the kids do the running around for a bit :wink:

What kind of fan are you?!? Work, schmirk. Quit if you have to. Rookie camp is much more important. :wink: :lol:

real fun starts sunday and really everyone should be able to make it out to that one.

I wish you could convince my wife of that BB.

What time does practice start tomorrow??

8 and 1050...

Thanks alot, See you there!

That's dedication. I have a hard time getting up for 10 a.m. on a Sunday let alone being at a practice for 8. :smiley: