Roof comes off BC Place!!!

The roof has come off BC Place!
Listen to team 1040!

it hasnt come off it is just deflated due to a major tare in the roof near gate G.


CKNW is also covering it live, go to the website, there is a picture posted.

Drummer has a picture posted on the main forum.


Lets get a knew stadium this one sucks, just like the lions do.

Like my bomber friend said :stuck_out_tongue: ..."thats what you get for having a dome" lol.
Not a surprise when it was supposed to last 25 years, what do you expect really.

I wonder what would have happened to the Lions games had this happened during the season.

just take the roof off make it an outdoor stadium if thats even possible i've never been inside a dome so i dunno if theres different structure things and stuff

Being a dome stadium it might not be designed to handle a lot of rain, drainage wise, if the roof was removed.
But with the Olympics coming up there should be no shortage of money to make sure it is fixed properly.

Not a possibility , see discussion in main forum on this. It's not designed for it , and no , there is no drainage. But already well covered in the main forum.

How quickly they forget old Empire stadium. I for one like BC Place, even on those hot humid days.

If this was the lions season,and it was buetiful summer night i bet they would take the roof right off.