Rontarius Robinson

All the talk of injuries these past several days has largely neglected to mention to absence of Robinson, who has played very well for us this year.

Let's see if Joseph goes after Jeff Tisdale, whom I assume is taking his spot.

I hope Robinson comes back soon becuase we cannot afford to lose solid defenders like him.

I think you are correct Kirk. The Cats are pretty solid at HB with Robinson and Thompson. Actually, pretty solid in the secondary and LB corps as well..........but the lack of any semblance of a pass rush is hurting big time. I don't care how good your secondary is, if the opposing QB gets all the time in the world, someone's getting open somewhere.

oh man i forgot about Rontarius being injured.

hopefuly he'll be back for Next Saturday's game against B.C


According to the depth chart, he's starting!

Tisdale is the backup at CB

Great to see Robinson back in the lineup. He and Thompson have impressed me this year. Your defensive halfbacks are a real strength. Hopefully the D-line will man up and get some pressure on Joseph.