Ron's comments tonight.

Really enjoyed his comment of the fact that this team is at square one.

You must be professional and show up on time,,
if people here think this an walk in the park atmosphere you should be here....

Leif's comments are great as well...Bob is a great business mind but he mad some bad hires... really what keeping ron as sr. director

exactly bye bye Ron

yes, he said that stuff, but he said more too.
about how some players weren't professional, not taking it seriously, not regarding it as their livelihoods.

and he's saying this after he's been coach for 14 games, which means that the same crap that was going on before, remained ongoing.
that certain players were still so high on their own riffs, that they didn't act professional all season long.
imagine: players not trying, players trying to lose (in order to get their coaches fired), players with their own agendas.

i'm glad we've got the bye this week, because i'm so ashamed of this team: i'm glad the hamilton tiger-cats won't be inflicted upon the nation for the rest of the year.

and isn't it telling when the coach tells his players: could you please just go out and play 60 minutes of football, that's all we're asking, it's not that hard.

this is what tiger-cat football has been reduced to —a coach pleading with his players to put in an efffort..,.

tiger-cat players "throwing" games. no personal integrity, no integrity in the locker room, besmirching the league and the game itself. shameful, shameful, shameful.

you can't blow this mess up high enough.
thanks for the fabulous season.

I agree blow it up . But Lancaster can't try to distance himself from the mess . He had 14 games as an interim coach . He did nothing to improve the situation . Some may say that an interim coache"s hands are tied...then why bring him back in the first place ? He has also served as an advisor ( supposedly ) to this team since Marshall was first hired .What was he doing ? Yes he has had is great moments as a player ..but to this organization he has contributed nothing since 99" He gets blown up like the rest of them !

but to this organization he has contributed nothing since 99" He gets blown up like the rest of them ! ?
Thats unfair to Ron, He didnt build this on field mess... he has been an advisor to the front office, not Greg Marshall.

Ron contributed nothing to this organization since 99? So in 98 and 99, not to mention his 7 winning seasons in Edmonton he knew football and after that he forgot football? This does not fall in his lap... if he was taking this team next year.. had a full off season with a training camp, then yes it would be his mess.... but look no further than London Ontario to find who really messed this thing up.

Ron Lancaster bailed us out of a jam this year and I think most of us realize that.

With the departure of Marshall, it was near impossibleto pick up a new HC with experience
Lancaster was the obvious choice. He reluctantly took the team over, saying this would be his last year coaching and I applaud him for his efforts, especially at his age, when he would likely have been happier doing something less taxing or even retiring.

On the other hand, I have never liked his failure to change quarterbacks when the times were warranted and I'm grateful that Dejardins forced him to do so in the last two games so that we could get some idea of what our backups could do. I hope both of them come back to training camp.

Lancaster's reference about six weeks ago to Jason Maas' injuries, have me perplexed. Ron said that Jason could have career ending injuries. This begs the question,"Why play him, then?" How can this possibly help the team?

During the past several seasons, Ron has had what I would call a stubborn attitude problem, even to the point of "not giving a damn about what the fans think."He's failed to adapt to changes in the Canadian game that most younger coaches and managers have adapted to and I think that this problem is inherant from his stubborness also.

I don't suggest that he doesn't know much about Canadian football, but only that he has to deal with a different breed of player nowadays and he appears to have problems in that area too. I don't fault him for this either, because I think my own approach to today's players would be similar to his given that he and I are about the same age. I do, however, think it's time for Ron to "hang em up."

MAAS was signed as a starter maybe there is something in his contract the make sure he starts as long as he is not pevented by the doctor ?
I guess we will never know.

It must have been very frustrating for Ron to be is his position. Don’t forget he was a big reason for our success in the late 90’s.

That was a great post rocky123.

I just don't understand why he waited until they were eliminated out of the playoffs before changing QB's. Yes there was the fiasco against Winnipeg the first time a backup was used, but I've liked what I've seen in Richie Williams so far.