:rockin: :rockin: What's Ron Lancaster doing these days?

I'm sure he's doing what everyone else in the organization is doing. Getting ready for the season.


Pulling the strings, making all of the decisions that people feel arent positive ones, trying to recreate his old boys club, the usual.

For the job titles of the Ticats staff
click on the TEAM tab above, remarcot.

Ron serves with the team's Front Office
NOT the football operations staff.

You will find a description of his role there.

What he actually will be doing,
is a work in progress, remarcot.

Bowling WITH Cheerleaders

Could it be he is on a cross country publicity tour to land the Cats former OC, RD jr, a job?

Where ever he is, what ever he is doing, I hope the people around him are giving him the proper respect due him.

There is no question that
the people around him are.

As for the people who view him from afar
and don't give him full respect...well,

I will let one of them explain it to you. FYB.

click here

I was curious enough to clikc on your link, but all I got was a little red X, and I did not have popup blocker on.

It is an audio clip from a 'Blues Brothers' movie

Dan Ackroyd says

'We are on a mission from God'

Funny, eh? :smiley:


The link works every time I have used it.

When I used clips from this source before,
sometimes I had to re-boot the computer
to make them work, FootballYouBet.

Try it again here. click here

funny still doesnt work for me and I rarely have any problems like this.

Oh well, thats ok, I dont have to see it.

Worked for meā€¦lol