Ronnie, that play-action bomb on second-and-1 was for you!

Thought of you there, my friend!

Oski Wee Wee,


That was on 2nd and inches rather than 3rd and inches, but it was a nice reminder of that call in the '99 EDF game nonetheless!

And TSN just named that the turning point. It was the game-winning TD, after all.


I called it. :lol:

No really, I did.

I was thinking the same thing. I miss sweet Joe Haggins.

O yes. That was fabulous.

Tom CLements did it too one time when he was in Hamilton. Also a third and inches bomb. 1981 I think...

He was ALWAYS dangerous with that in Ottawa, Hamilton, and Winnipeg! He looked for the single coverage on the edge and wasn't afraid to throw it...

Exactly. Courageous player. Let's hope QP develops some of that character.

Ted Michaels just said that Ron Lancaster said that 2nd and 1 is a free play. And they are talking about that '99 EDF play on the 5th quarter.

LOL after that last caller said "we should send Count Chocula a thank you card for giving us Bruce" but I digress.

It wasn't me...but THAT was me. LOL


I remember the Little General, while the QB in Saskatchewan, quite often going long on 2nd and short, knowing that in Regina would be able to make the subsequent 3rd and short if necessary. When the Cats were lining up for that 2nd and short those thoughts ran through my mind. I'm not pyschic or anything because I have that same thought with every second and short. I'm just glad that my thought pattern was repeated by the coaches' tonight.