Rona Sponsored Pick The Winners Contest

Not to take anything away from the great work BigDave does with the annual Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, I see the league has partnered up with Rona to create their own version. With weekly prizes and a chance to win a grand prize trip to the big game in Vancouver, I'm all for it.

Y'all can check it out at:

Bit of a twist. Looks like you pick the scores instead of the winners. Cool. :thup:

You have to pick the winner and the combined score for the game.

Hmm. The main page is a little misleading. It didn't mention picking winners and combined scores, just guessing the scores of each game. Either way, it still sounds interesting.

You get points for picking the winners and more points if you picked the correct scoring ranges. It does seem interesting.

i'll stick with Bigdaves version thanks :cowboy:

Besides, Big Dave’s prizes are so much better! :wink: :wink: :wink:

...hey....bragging rights around here...c'mon ...who can top that :rockin:

They obviously saw how popular the VGCC had become, and decided to jump on the bandwagon and steal my thunder.

Maybe I can get Home Depot to sponsor my contest... :smiley:

And yeah Rona's contest is not open to anyone who is not living in Canada either too.

Go with BigDave's deal, and now let's just start slamming rightfully that damn Carlo again.

I wouldn't mind trying out this new pool, if it actually worked. I'm getting an error saying I haven't picked the winners and the point totals...

Guess I'll stick to BigDave's pool

[quote="Dust"]I wouldn't mind trying out this new pool, if it actually worked. I'm getting an error saying I haven't picked the winners and the point totals...

Yeah I had the same problem, glad to know its not just me messing up. lol

I've got a little different problem; When I signed up I was able to make my picks and points scored ect...., but now I tried to modify the total points scored for one of the games and getting the same error. :? Perhaps may have to wait for the actual week of the game/and or prior to game time to modify.

With BigDave, all you get is the occasional counting error. I'm positive that's why I haven't been able to match my rookie record of 50-20. :lol:

BigDave is an honest guy, however we'll see if I can come close to my last years record of 46-26.

I was just having fun. BigDave runs a great pool. :thup:

I'm doing both. I was toying with the idea of posting a thread promoting the Rona pool, then I realized more people means more competition and less chance to win a prize. Sadly the cat's now out of the bag... :frowning:

Some interesting stats related to the pool.

Currently there are over 25000 participants (how many are multiple entries, I have no idea.)

The number 1 favourite team is Montreal with over 8600, some 5500 more than no.2 Saskatchewan. No doubt this is because of the scoring of 1 point for each time your favourite team wins, like wise you get a chance of a prize if you belong to the group that is no.1 favourite.
Edmonton is dead last with just over 1600 fans, and were just passed by Hamilton.

136 points is a perfect week.

1 point for you team winning

5 points for each correct pick, 25 points for all four correct

10 points for each correct total points pick, 50 points for all four correct.

25,000 contestants already huh...


At least they fixed it so you can submit your picks now.

It also looks like you can create a team and invite people to join it. What it does exactly I'm not sure. If anyone wants to join team Backflips send me a pm with your e-mail address and I'll invite you.