When Arland/Arno/Arlo/Whatever finishes buying food , what stadium - wherever in the world - does he walk out into? Anyone know?

Since when is a hotdog cart set up in a stadium tunnel and permitted to block access to a tunnel?
Since when do hotdog carts sell fountain drinks?

Dumb, annoying commercial.

he walks out into a studio.. because the stadium doesn't actually exist! :lol:

No kidding. Golly gee willikers.... how dumb do you think I am? However, they HAVE inserted a shot of a stadium somewhere. I'm was asking if anybody can recognize it from the shot.

It's just another dumb thing about the commercial. Why would RONA insert such an obvious non-Canadian locale into their commercial?

it's for effect. they probably designed it and actually I bet it doesn't really exist.

with the way computers are these days, they likely created it from scratch.

its our man carlo, pronounced as are man carlo. the proof is when he says, way to go carlo. Not arlan or arman or...

That, my friend, costs serious scratch. Doing a CGI of that would be expensive. Having stock footage of an actual event and inserting it into the commercial is dirt cheap. Ergo... real stadium.... somewhere.

Good ears. Most likely right. :thup:

well then I think it's not a football stadium.

the stands above look awful small for a football stadium.

they could have done a better job with the pronounciation.

because he looks like a guy who could be called Arman, and he doesn't sound like he's saying our man..

Someone has to create a spoof of that ad in which Carlo gets ambushed to have his butt kicked or's ridiculous but hey it is working because everyone in Canada now knows about Carlo and RONA.

As annoying as that commercial may be, Rona might be the CFL's greatest sponsor.
They've been great, so just remember that.

Are we seriously having this argument? This is the type of argument I expect to see in the off-season. :lol: :lol:

Just remember, it was started by a Ticat fan who is lying on the couch ill, who is watching an Ar&o-Bummer game. :slight_smile:

For those of us who don’t have cable, is this the commercial?

Yup... do you like the way the hotdog cart is blocking the entrance to the tunnel?

The location of that hot dog stand probably violates fire code. Maybe as a cost-cutting measure, they're using the refs as fire inspectors, but they can't tell an illegal block from a legal one.

it's camera restrictions and angles that do it.

some of us are taking this commercial way to literal!

in real life we all know it wouldn't be there.

Thats pretty funny!

Lots of hate for this commercial - enough for two running topics on it! How about posting about all time favorite CFL commercials?

Anyone remember the Puroltaor one from the 80s? With the two pilots on the side of the road...."Its gonna be late" - "No its not" - "Its gonna be late" - No its not". Then the Purolator truck arrives with the parts for they need for the plane. I think it ended with the plane doinga loop and "Im gonna be sick" - "No your not"...

Thats my favorite one - Its a classic!

(I looked for a link but to no avail)

At least they got rid of most of the dumber of the Tim Horton's ads, as in most of them, by now though. :thup:

I guess that dead-monkey wig wrappin' b Jan broke up with Carlo after he did her right and that cheese party promoting douchebag finally got his butt kicked off the set?

We need more Sleeman's ads and better ads for Gibsons and Wendy's too.

well, there are games when they truly go way over board.

a couple years ago they had a commercial for a car mechanic company..

I swear you'd see it like EVERY break!