When Arland/Arno/Arlo/Whatever finishes buying food , what stadium - wherever in the world - does he walk out into? Anyone know?

Since when is a hotdog cart set up in a stadium tunnel and permitted to block access to a tunnel?
Since when do hotdog carts sell fountain drinks?

Dumb, annoying commercial.

Yikes.. guess you have nothing to do today, huh? I'm pretty sure its not a real stadium, more like a green screen.

Of course I have nothing to do today.... I'm sick and I'm watching the Ar&%s play the Bummers. (I was sick first but I'm getting sicker now.) :slight_smile:

And yes, I know that it isn't a real shot of him entering a stadium. I was just wondering what stadium it might be.... also why RONA would put something so obviously not Canadian in their commercial. There's just so much about it that's wrong.

:thup: :thup:

A certain Styx song comes to mind here…Too Much Time On My Hands!

I've had all the same thoughts. It's a really irritating commercial. TSN should really not repeat their commercials so often, they have the opposite of the desired effect on me when they do.



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Mystery solved!

Not only is it a bad commercial it gets overplayed.

However, it’s not as bad as watching a CTV NFL game and getting those non-audio ten second ads for television shows they carry.

How about the Nissan commercial that shows a US Model Nissan and offers the idea we may never have to buy another GALLON of gas again then puts on the bottom of the

Its better then this one,I can't stand thr guy at the end.
"wow what a ground game"
So annoying.

You are NOT suckering me into seeing that thing again!

Really, how many ads are there that aren't annoying? And you play any ad too many times, I don't care if it's the best commercial ever, it's going to get annoying pretty quickly. I know ad agencies think repetition is a good thing, but as they say, too much of a good thing....

as long as they helping pay the bills, I could care less about quality or redundancy. I dont pay much attention to commercials anyhow.

however, there are two sets of commercials that have stuck with me as being commercials I like.

First ones being the James Garner Mariette Hartley Kodak commercials.

Second ones being the recent Mac commercials.

I like that ad meak. :thup:

Old Spice commercials. Starting to get a little less funny now with Ray Lewis doing them, but they're still good.

Dos Equis are great too. I never get tired of those.

While the RONA ads are terrible, they don't hold a candle to the NAPA ones they play over and over on NFL Network. Anyone who watches NFL Network knows which ones I'm talking about.

Actually, the Old Spice ads came to mind as I was writing my comment. That and some of the Superbowl ads (e.g. cat herding). And you're right about the Dos Equis ads - laugh every time. But most, just annoying. I really like that skip-ahead button the remote.

I agree, most ads are annoying. It's really bad when watching sports because networks seem to think that we're only interested in, like, four things: beer, Axe body spray, beer and beer. And while I like beer, I wish there were more diverse ads played during games.

I've found that I can live with Carlo...

But, if one more time I see the face, or hear the voice of that guy from "ING Direct'...AAARGHHH...