Rona CFL Pool

Rona is hosting a CFL Pool with 30,000 contestants registered. Ti-Cats fans currently rank 7th with only 2000 or so registered.

Click here to join:

1 Alouettes 9438 fans
2 Roughriders 3778 fans
3 Argonauts 3646 fans
4 Lions 2911 fans
5 Blue Bombers 2707 fans
6 Stampeders 2048 fans
7 Tiger-Cats 2003 fans
8 Eskimos 1848 fans

Thanks for the link joe.

I'm signed up and ready to go. Man am I pumped.

I created a team called VicksDogcatchers. The only reason to join a team that I can see is to compare your scores against those of your teamates. Anyone here that is playing is welcome to join my team. It says you can join multiple teams, so I'd be happy to join someone else's as well. Looks like fun.

May the best fan win.

Sent a request to join!! :smiley:

Welcome to the site! You're in!

So I thought I'd bump this up and remind everyone there is a bonus to sign up before June 30.

I'm curious who else that frequents the forum will be participating. If we all join a team together we can monitor each others progress. You can join multiple teams and I welcome anyone to join mine (VicksDogcatchers) conversely I would be happy to join any of yours.

Or are you afraid?

Considering I was the one who brought the Rona Pool to attention on the main forum, I'm definitely in.

Oh, and that bonus for anyone who registered by Thursday night is a chance to win a trip to see your fav team play on the road. In the Ti-Cats' fan base's case, that will be to see the Black & Gold face the Bummers in Winnipeg on August 26th.

I'm in. Or at least just sent a request.

Welcome to the team! So far we have Jorya, Snocross and Diggum. Fierce competitors all looking to rise to the top and set up shop.

Still time to join for anyone that thinks they have the skills to pay the bills.

Last chance to dance.

Think you have what it takes to rise to the top and set up shop? Want to scowl at those below you from soaring heights?

Think you're an armchair quarterback?

Join VicksDogcatchers before midnight tonight for a chance to win a trip to Winnepeg and better yet, a chance to prove to the world once and for all, that YOU are King Of The Couch!

I'm in.