Ron McLendon

anyone else heard of this?

ex-Titan, might be starter this year?

Hello Eskimo3201,
I could not find any scouting reports on him. Which is funny I guess. Are you sure his name is spelt this way? I check out the Titan NFL scouting reports there is no record of him?

Hes got killer speed and decent hands, the esks finnaly have a guy with break away speed that we deperatley missed last season.


Anyways, it wouldn’t surprise me. There are literally hundreds of excellent “unknown” players in the US that would be excellent players here.

I have been looking for scouting reports and nothing on this guy.


Who is this guy?

Ex-Tennesee Titan RB, signed with Esks last august, never saw playin time but sounds good.

He’s the “smaller and faster” type of RB, like a Charles Roberts-type of player.

I hope he’s good. All the Esk offense needs is a good RB.

we got lots now

McLendon, White, Joseph, and Blackwell. even Debuc and the other fulbacks

I predict in between the 2 preseason games coach M and the staff and fans will get a good feel on whos gonna be starting, and then the 2nd game we should know for sure.