Ron Lancaster's double life as a CIA spy revealed

Did anybody out there hear or read about the real reason for Ronnie Lancaster's "lateral demotion?" Apparently, (and this is according to top, top sources) it's so that he can devote more time to his duties as a special field operative for the Central Intelligence Agency.
It seems Agent Lancaster has been seconded to Operation Palestine: an ultra-urgent mission staffed by the very elite of the intelligence gathering community. Their mandate is to present sweeping reforms ofAmerican foreign policy and they (so the story goes) have a plan for total world peace without bloodshed.
Dudes, that's too wicked! I wouldn't of ever thought good ol' Ronnie could, like, do all that secret stuff man!

...makes sense to me- I swear I saw Ronnie in a James Bond movie once, From Russia with Love I think!!!!!!!!

......I'm telling you though, the guy is not fun sitting next to in our strategic planning sessions.....he uses way too many football analogies and gets into these rants about the 'old days' and such......I mean, relating the '66 Grey Cup to the current Gaza pullout is completely lost on me, how he thinks his dominance over Russ Jackson is a good analogy to how Sharon is handling the situ is just plain crazy.........'66!!........cripes, I was just learning that poo goes in the toilet instead of my pants.......

...heck the Russ Jackson vs. Ron Lancaster debates in Ottawa got more play time than Kennedy vs. Nixon!!!!! But how Lancaster could claim that he was instrumental in causing the building of the Berlin Wall specifically Checkpoint Charlie is beyond me????????????????????????????

...but how on earth did Lancaster have anything to do with the cancellation of the Eminem tour???????????????????????????'s creepy too when he wants to meet you in the parkade, just to get directions ot the company picnic, and he always stands in the shadows, I say "geez, Ron, can we like step out here where there's some friggin light so I can see your map", and he's always like "no.....and dont' call me by my me Hitchfield", .......O.K. you kook, and stop with the cigarettes, man he doesn't even inhale.......

Turkey....Is gangtackle an offspring of yours? There is some similarities about the writting tecniques that are showing up here.