ron lancaster

i want to so ron lancasters # retired by the CFL league. I think he is the only one that has done alot for the league.

not a big fan of retiring numbers, cause eventually the players would be wearing 666.

However, this one I could get on board with.

i don't think the entire league should. but i am in full aggreance with the riders doing so

^they did a long time ago

Many moons ago.

No reason for a league to retire a number. If a team wants to fine, but not a league

well i am glad they have. ronnie was a great player and an even better coach. i really liked him and the way he went about his buisness. probbly the most respected coach the cfl has ever seen.

i personally just don;t like the idea of having the league retire a number

As much as Lancaster did for the league, he's not the ONLY one who has done a lot. There have been many. He did have a huge impact on the league and people's lives however.

I think retiring his number would be a great gesture by the league, and it may server to remind future generations of the Lancaster legacy.

What about Gretzky?

I’d be on board with it, as long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence. There are only so many numbers available.

If anyone deserves it, though, it’d be Lancaster.

I'd be okay with that. There are many players who have done great things for their team but not too many who have done as much for the CFL as Ron Lancaster.

His name is synonymous with hockey.

so we are agreed then, CFL does not retire number 99 and NHL does not retire number 23. :thup:

N O.

god this is ridiculous.

I think every team other than Sask should have to retire all their numbers, that way they could not field a team and would have to forfit all their games. Ok it would play hell with the betting line, but the Riders would be Grey Cup champs for ever!

And the crops in the fields would shout out their praise forever, amen

I like the author's idea, but in an 8 team league it just is not feasible, so that is why I voted against it. In leagues that 30 or so teams, like the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL that can do something like that, I would have agreed. I believe that only one league has retired a number and that is the NHL with number 99.