Ron Lancaster

There is another thread on the Ticat web site but I don't see one here. So for all to see:

Get well soon Ronnie.

Get well soon Ronnie

You can beat this Ron! We're all pulling for you!

All the best Ron. The Rider Nation is pulling for you.

Just read a news report that Lancaster is battling lung cancer.

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I think everyone needs to disassociate himself from the league. The CFL just isn't having a good year.

Good luck, Ron!

Best of luck to Ronnie, he was the greatest QB in Rider history, and one the best commentators around. I might listen to the next Hamilton home game on the radio just to hear his voice once again.

For once Marty York wasn’t full of crap…I read about this in Tuesday’s Metro.
York stated that Lancaster was a heavy smoker for years… Could you imagine Lancaster’s numbers if he never smoked… Don’t forget… smoking cuts 50% of the oxygen to your muscules… causing muscules to get tired faster…Amazing when you think about it really

I think Ron is one of the best radio football commentators ever. I mean the guy is just a wealth of insight and knowledge. I really enjoy listening to him. He tells me stuff I couldn't possibly have known otherwise, and he does it better and with more authority than anybody else. We need you Ron! Hang in there!

the little general will beat this...just as he beat-up on the opposition when he was playing....truly the best little qb. this league has seen....get well soon Ron.. :thup: