Ron Lancaster

I thought that he was supposed to be the colour guy on the radio brodcasts?

Last night it was Coach Sal ... it's the first time I listened to a game on the radio this year.

Did I miss something?

He missed a game earlier this season as well and it seems everybody is being tight lipped.

Here's hoping everything is ok with Ron because he is the type that wouldn't tell anybody if there was something wrong.

I know you didn't bring his name up for this reason but I was thinking the other day about Ron & how much it sucked that he's compeltely done coaching in the CFL because this is arguable the best team the cats have placed on the feild in the 5 or so years they've been 'tanking' it'd be intresting to see how Ronnie would do as the coach of this team, but will never know.

I hate to use Marty York as a source, but he claims that Ron has lung cancer.

Ron Lancaster was a great CFL quarterback, but he also smoked a lot and, sadly, we’re told he’s battling lung cancer. He personally asked former Tiger-Cat assistant coach John Salavantis to replace him recently as Hamilton’s radio analyst

I certainly hope he's wrong about this as he is with so many things. All the best to RL and I will keep him in my prayers.

Oh no!

Praying and hoping for the best for one of the CFL's best ever !

Best wishes to Ron and his family and friends and my prayers are with them.

I hope the doctors have caught this in the early stages
and Ron will carry on regardless without missing a beat.


I know Ron wouldn't like news
about his health to get out,

he doesn't like the publicity.

and if it's true, Marty York is the last guy
Ron would want to break this kind of news.

Marty has had a big grudge towards Ron for years.


Marty is well known for his 'shotgun approach' to reporting,

here is what directly followed what he said.

[Don't be surprised is one of his favourite terms.]

" Speaking of the Ticats, don’t be surprised if

Charlie Taaffe is replaced as their head coach
if his team loses to the Toronto Argonauts Thursday …

And don’t be surprised also if

Doug Berry is out as the Blue Bombers’ head coach
if Winnipeg loses to the Montreal Alouettes Friday."

I hope that this news is among the many screw ups we've heard from Marty York.

If, in fact, he is accurate, I wish Ron Lancaster a full and speedy recovery or at least, a very lengthy remission.

I hope Marty is wrong. But if it's true, we all know if anyone can beat it, it's the 'Little General'.

An Argo-Cat fan

I really hope for the best with Ron.

And MArty was definately right about one thing, Jake has to go. Why is he even a ref? He obviously hates his job with a passion, every time he makes a call he looks like he's going to snap, take out a gun and start shooting people lol.

If he had complete authority he'd probably eject a player for jumping offside.

anyone have the link to Marty Collium

I assumed Ron was not on the broadcast because of Leif's passing. Hope he's allright.
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I have never known CFL football without Ronny's presense somewhere, on the field, on the sidelines, in the booth, etc. After 42 yrs, I cant imagine not having him around, not just in the world, but the game.

Say it aint so Ronny, my first footballsports hero that I actually watched and not just heard about.

Ron has missed the last two away games (Calgary and Montreal) but has sounded great at home.

Hope this is just another Marty story :roll:

Fingers crossed.

I wish Ron the best.

Oski Wee Wee,

I wish all tthe best for Ron. Cancer can be beaten.

Ron has beaten it once already!!!!!

Although I thought he had lost some weight for the TSN/Leif interview. It looked good OFF him.

Re Marty York...

It's well known that York was not welcome in any Lancaster locker room...

About 5 years ago or so, I asked Ron about this, specifically if he knew the historical significance of this feud.. He replied that he didn't...

He laughed like I never heard him laugh before or after when I told him the War of the Roses was a Civil War between The House of York and the House of Lancaster 1455--1497..


Time to wish Ron all the best