Ron Lancaster Was Awsome

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Yes he was Awesome!

Looking at the picture on your post, maybe it's time you got over it.

Dont say that!!! i suggested its time for them to get over the burris thing and it was like i had stopped the pilsner trucks at the border. im sure that pic will be up for at least another 18 years.

None of this has anything to do with Lancaster.

As for the signiture, what does "getting over it" have to do with that picture showing what's legal in the CFL and making a claim for the 2010 Grey Cup?

Also, I don't drink alcohol (Pilsner is of no concern to me).

Sorry cdnhothead, but I may have been too hard on you. I thank you for your suggestion to "get over Burris" but I feel my arguement for not "getting over Burris" is more compelling than your arguement for "getting over Burris".

Esksfan, I am "over it". The picture is a display of the intense atmosphere the CFL rules enable within gameplay. It could be seen as a promotional tool. It is all in your perspective really. :roll: