Ron Lancaster Tribute

Although he's a little before my time, You can't help but hear his name come up in great moments in Rider history! my prayers are with him and I know he'll fight this like the true tuff guy he is! Anyone have a Ron story or achievement he has done? Please let those of us who don't know everything about Him!

There’s a nice piece on Ron here:

[url=;jsessionid=AC13DDCB97A18B1245C4BF14C1580D5F.tomcat1?id=14252] ... 1?id=14252[/url]

Also here:

Somebody nominate this man for the Order of Canada please.

Thanks will check it out! Did he not lead the Riders to a cup in 1976 at QB?

Dont you have to be Canadian?

No. You don't, but it helps. How do you know he's not Canadian? Even if he isn't he might as well be. I'm sure his children and grand children are. He has spent most of his life by far in Canada, and contributed in many ways in many cities. I'm sure I'm not alone with my fond memories of Ron as a player, coach and broadcaster.

The Order’s constitution permits non-Canadians to be considered for honorary appointments. They may be considered for outstanding achievement that reflects honour on Canada and/or lifetime contributions to humanity at large.

I know for the 60's70's generation he's like a green god back in Regina, Saskatchewan! Is it safe to say he put the Riders on the map so to speak?

I hope his treatments go well; so does Saskatchewan. The way things are going, they may need Ron to come out of retirement to fill one of the holes in the Sask. roster. They’ll probably go on a 6 game losing skid with all the injuries piling up 5 broken legs!!!

Ron Lancaster is a classy guy and has lived a full life. I had the opportunity to speak with him once–he had pocket presence wherever he went. I don’t think lung cancer will sack him–he has too quick a release!

Might as well be and are, are 2 different things.
I know he was born in Pennsylvania but I dont know if he became a Canadian Citizen.

The only coach that I know of that did was Don Mathiews.... Pinball was supposed to but I dont know if he has done it yet

If a guy spends 50+ years in Canada, spends virtually his entire career there, raises a family there, pays his taxes there, coaches and mentors Canadians, provides enormous entertainment and pride for Canadians, WHO CARES if he's not Canadian.

I do!
Again maybe he became a citizen, I really dont know but if he didnt, he is not Canadian

So what if he’s not? It doesn’t diminish his contribution to Canadian society one iota. In fact, whether or not he’s Canadian, for the purposes of this discussion and as I have already shown, is completely and TOTALLY irrelevant. So lets just drop it please.

With all due respect to Ron Lancaster, and I mean that. I'm not sure why anyone would think he deserves the order of Canada?

Ron is too good for the tainted Order of Canada. There are other, better ways to pay tribute to and show respect and honour to him.

His Riders lost to the Eastern Riders for the '76 Grey Cup. Actually this game was shown on ESPN Classics a few days ago as part of a tribute to Leif Pettersen.

No Blacklion69, Lancaster didn't lead the Riders to a Grey Cup victory in 1976 but lost a heartbreakerto Ottawa when Tom Clements threw a TD pass to Tony Gabriel with several seconds remaining. You can watch the play on rpaege's mini video screen on the bottom oh his posts. Look for number 2 in black rolling out to his right and hitting number 77 in the end zone. Saskatchewan had just taken the lead with about 1:30 remaining but Ottawa marched right back down the field in the last minute. It was a great game!

It was a great game..... I remember betting on the riders to win

:lol: ... a sure bet!

You would be surprises how many took that bet!

The Order of Canada is beneath Lancaster's dignity. Lancaster is a football god.

The Order of Canada awards baby butchers like Morgantaler and Holocaust supporters like David Ahenakew
If the Order of Canada awards men of such low character, they should induct Hitler into the Order of Canada too.

Don't tarnish the legacy of Ron Lancaster by associcating his name with this human filth. Ron Lancaster doesn't have a political bone in his body.