Ron Lancaster passes away today at 69

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Another good tribute to Ron. Maybe we should have given Ottawa their $500 back when he went to Hamilton.

And we thought Tillman was good at making deals.

Truly a sad moment for the Rider Nation and the entire league. To me, he will always be the greatest QB of all time, but he was more than just a player. He represented himself and the league with dignity and class at all times and when you add in his success as a head coach, and his time as perhaps the best colour commentator the CFL has ever had, the man cast a large shadow over this league and this country. He will be missed, but certainly never forgotten.

Godspeed Ronny, and godbless his family and friends!!

My boss and I were talking about this earlier. We were discussing how he could take a sitution where most quarterbacks would be lost and turn it into a touchdown. He was a fantastic player and coach. Its a sad day for football.

He was an example of a guy who didn't fit the mould of the stereotypical quarterback south of the border. In the pre-SuperBowl era, before the NFL became the financial juggernaut that it is, players often preferred to come to Canada, because this is where the money was. That he was able to come here and have the stellar career that he had is proof that you don't need to be 6'4" and built like a house to play quarterback; not in OUR league, anyway.

Though I am old enough to have seen him play, I actually never did, since I was not turned onto the CFL until I was in high school. At that time Don Wittman did the play-by-play and Ron Lancaster was the analyst on CBC's broadcasts. My father and I would go to my grandmother's house, and watch nearly every game. Much of what I now know about football I learned from Lancaster, and to this day I quote things I heard him say twenty-five years ago. Part of the entertainment for me in those days were Ron's bits of wisdom, peppered with the occasional sarcastic quip, and delivered with that wry smile that always gave you the impression that he was laughing on the inside.

During his time as a coach in Edmonton, the Eskimos were my second favourite team. I quickly became a fan of Danny McManus and Darren Flutie in those days, and was sitting in the snow cheering on the Esks in the 1996 Grey Cup game as they nearly defeated the Argonauts.

In 1998, Ron Lancaster became our head coach. McManus and Flutie joined him, and that began the longest era of competitive football I had ever seen from the black and gold. (That's a bit sad, in its own way.)

My father, my grandmother, and Don Wittman have all passed; and now, too, Ron Lancaster. I suppose it's all part of getting older, that those we look up to as youngsters move on to that higher plane, hoping we will take their place and become the ones so admired by younger generations. We can only guess whether they thought themselves to be as inadequate when it was their turn to step into their heroes' shoes.

But Ron Lancaster will be a hero for many generations, from those who watched him play, to those who saw him coach, to those who were touched by the many charities with which he was affiliated. People who remember him will speak of him to their children, telling stories of come-from-behind victories or gutsy calls from the sidelines or speeches made at fundraisers.

He will always be missed.
He will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace, Ron Lancaster.

Very shocking and sad. When he announced a few short weeks ago that he had cancer once again, I didn’t really believe he wouldn’t make it through. I’m sure he gave it his all.

My deepest condolences to the family.

What a horrible year for deaths in the CFL!!!

One of the greats... RIP Ron Lancaster

I personally lowered the Rider Flag on my front lawn to half mast. Please do the same if you have a flag pole. What an awful day........

I cant begin to describe the emotions I am going through at the moment. I never even had the priviledge of meeting Ron, yet for 42 yrs, he was mr CFL to me. My first sports hero. He made me a CFL fan.

Throughout the 80's, his was the warm friendly voice that helped make watching games on the tube the very best thing to do, besides actually playing.

For 42 yrs, Ron has been a major part of MY CFL. Longer than that for others.

I have asked this before, how does one imagine a CFL without Ronnie.

How does one imagine a world without Ronnie.

Aside from the many losses of Ronnie, the many ways he is a loss, its also a sad reminder of my own mortality. Time is passing, all the people who were IT, in sports and entertainment, when I was a kid and into the prime of my life, are all now so old, or gone. More leaving us everyday. The world is surely a much different place today. So many good people gone, and Ronnie was one of the best.

I would like to imagine that Ronnie and Bobby are sitting back somewhere having a drink together right now and talking football.

Wish they both could have stuck around a little longer. Wish we could and would have told both of them how much they mean to us BEFORE they left us, instead of just being able to tell each other now.

I looked at all the acolades and special ways we remembered Bobby and I wished we had told HIM before. When I heard Ronnie was sick, I wanted to suggest to Bob Young that maybe ticat organization andor CFL and fans could have an event for Ronnie while he was still with us, just to say thanks Ron for all you have given the CFL and CFL fans. Then bang, just like that, he gone before I could even give it much more thought. damn.

Its just not gonna be the same anymore

Man I wish Ivor Wynne would be packed this Friday night as a tribute to him, but sadly it won't be. :cry:


I think a low key rememberance at this time would be appropriate to allow the family their time to remember and grieve, number 23 on the jerseys would be a nice touch and I like the idea of making the 23 yard line, particularly in Regina.

I think as well a more involved honouring should take place a little later in the season. With the Riders hosting Hamilton on the 19 of October and Edmonton 6 days later, proclaiming October 19-26, Ron Lancaster week, would give all 3 of his CFL stops a chance to honour his memory, seeing as he won a Grey Cup with each team. (yes I know he had a cup of tea in Ottawa as well, but I think his playing career in Regina and the coaching stints in Edmonton and Hamilton would be the most significant or his career).

I think that Lancaster week idea is a good one

My condolences to his family and friends. I was lucky to see him play when I was just a kid, my first Rider game was a Sask-Ottawa matchup. They Riders were on the decline from the 76 GC team, but he was always fun to watch, he always gave Sask a chance to win.

To me, Ron Lancaster will always personify the Saskatchewan Roughriders, he was and will always be the face of the franchise. I bought a retro jersey recently, and was undecided about which number to have on it, but now that number will be 23.

With the Riders hosting Hamilton on the 19 of October and Edmonton 6 days later, proclaiming October 19-26, Ron Lancaster week, would give all 3 of his CFL stops a chance to honour his memory,
Capital Idea. Somebody make it happen :thup: :rockin:

Very sad for the CFL and their fans. We will miss him.

A nice idea, but what about the fans of Edmonton and Hamilton? Do we (they) not get the chance to honour his memory as well? Yes, he will always be a Rider, but he spent many quality years in Edmonton and Hamilton as a coach and is a huge fan favourite in both cities. Having a classy tribute in each city would be the more appropriate option, giving each team AND IT'S FANS the opportunity to take part in a tribute.

There's certainly no monopoly on sadness for a person of Lancaster's stature in our league and even country. Whatever any team chooses to do it should do.

This hit me harder than I would have expected. The world, on balance, is slightly worse off today.....

damn what a tough year this has been.


It sure has been. Sure was shocking to sign into the forum and see this thread first thing. The man is a legend and will be missed.

I would expect Hamilton to do something very classy tomorrow, they have always been a class organization and I am sure tomorrow will be no exception.

Edmonton does not play at home for 3 weeks and I would fully expect their organization to make some gesture honouring him in some way during that time. I would be surprized if he is not inducted to the Commonwealth Stadium Wall of Honour but that may not take place till the next time the Riders play in Edmonton. Maybe the Western Final.