Ron Lancaster passes away today at 69

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[b]CFL mourns passing of Ron Lancaster[/b]

Football lost a legend today with the passing of former CFL quarterback and coach Ron Lancaster. The 69-year old succumbed to his second bout with bladder cancer.

A native of Clairton, Pennsylvania, Lancaster began his CFL career with Ottawa in 1960, winning the Grey Cup in his rookie season. Lancaster sits third all-time on the CFL's list with with 3,384 pass completitions, 6,223 pass attempts and 50,535 yards passing.

Lancaster was named the CFL's Most Outstanding Player in 1970 and 1976 and named All-Canadian 1970, 1973, 1975 and 1976. He was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1982 and the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1985.

In a TSN poll of experts, Lancaster was voted the seventh-best player in CFL history.

As a coach, Lancaster has twice been named CFL Coach of the year and won a Grey Cup with the Edmonton Eskimos in 1993 and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1999.

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Ronny personafied the word "legend". Although we enjoyed his presence for many years in Edmonton, to me I will always think of him in Rider green. He was surely one of the greatest ever, in any league.

RIP Little General

very sad did not know he was that sick, he was my idol growing up, when i was 13 he sent me a photo of himself autographed its been a treasure all my life right next to my autographed photo of another legend George Reed, very sad news, will miss him for sure :frowning:

Thank you Ron for all you have done for the Riders, Esks, Ti-Cats and the whole CFL on the field and in the booth. You will be missed. My prayers are with you and your family.

I would like to see green and white "23" on every uniform this week and maybe for the rest of the season.

....I salute thee Little General...sad news indeed...

Gonna be an emotional night at Taylor Field this Saturday.


And let us not forget that he was an awesome announcer. ESPN Classics show old CFL games all the time and his knowledge of the game was tremendous. Way better than most of the guys now.
I know I am wearing my lancaster jersey this weekend

They should paint and label the "23" yard lines. Invite some of his old friends for the tribute.

There was no joy in Riderville.

....I can remember when Lancaster came into the league with Ottawa....he had a real battle with Russ Jackson for the no 1 pivot job..He moved on to Regina and became the qb. i always thought he was...A GREAT ONE... It's a sad day indeed ,when we lose the calibre of guy , Ronnie was for the league...Condolences to Rons family and friends.. :frowning:

It was two months ago the family and I were on a long distance drive. I was scanning through the satellite radio and found the Ticat vs the Shmoes game, much to my surprise Ronny was doing the color on the broadcast. With in thirty seconds my memory reflected back to the early eighty's, sitting around the TV with all the family watching a classic late fall match eyes were actually watering up thinking about the time. The kids wanted me to change the channel...they were not going to win that battle.....thanks for the memory that day peacefully..

A legend on and off the field. Very sad day in Rider Nation and the whole CFL.

I'm too young to remember him as a player, but what a great ambassador for the game and football in Saskatchewan.

If you've never seen the trailer for "Season of Dreams", a documentary about football in Saskatchewan, download it at Ron is featured in it and says basically all you need to know about how he felt about football in this province.



23 yard lines for the rest of the season!

There should be some sort of tribute to Ronnie in all the stadiums this weekend. I know I for one will be terribly upset if there isn't something in his honour in Regina. It's a sad day ofr football fans accross Canada today. He is what legends are made of. My condolences to his many friends and family.

Sad day indeed. Ronnie was "The General" So many times he engineered some great comebacks.

RIP Ronnie.

You should seriously call the Riders about that. Im not kidding.

Truly one of the CFL's greatest. He will be missed


Renaming that little service road by the railroad tracks leading from Albert St. to Taylor Field "Ron Lancaster Way" would be nice.

It's small, yet effective. It's taken us where we needed to go.

My dad grew up in Ottawa, and would go down and see the little guy play. When he moved to Sask, his loyalty followed, and I've been a Rider fan, and a CFL fan, my whole life because of him.

Ron Lancaster, love listening to him talk CFL football. A great loss.