ron lancaster jr....

ii am just curious if you eskie fans are comfortable with the worst offensive coordinator two years running. i would have been very annoyed when he was picked up if i were you. none of you ever seem to voice any concern however and i am curious as to why that is. does the edm arrogance enable you to overlook poor management decisions or do you actually believe this was a good move??

It's a concern, but I'm betting Esks management knows or noticed something that everyone else is overlooking.

If the Eskimos have a better season than last year I don't think anyone will complain.

Of course it's a concern. I wish we had a different OC and a bonafinde DC. Maciocia has earned his shot as a head coach though and deserves the benefit of the doubt until such time as it becomes evident that things need to or should have been handled differently.

As far as arrogance, none here man. I just prefer to dwell on the positive rather than the negative. The Esks have made a lot of changes this off-season, sticking to the plan that Maciocia has set forth that there will be competition at all positions this camp and everybody will need to earn thier jobs. I am excited to see the team that emerges from camp and am willing to let Maciocia have a chance to build his team.

Besides if we just pissed and moaned all the time "poor us, we have no coaching" it would make for very whiny, boring threads.


I think your offense will do well in Spite of Lancaster Junior.

Actually thats How you can afford Ray.....Sources close to Sportsnet claim Lancaster Junior is working for free, and washing Campbell's car every second weekend....LOL

Well blackdale, I'm guessing you're a Riders fan and likely jealous of all the acquisitions Edmonton made in the off season.

With an offense like ours we don't even need an offensive coordinator!!!

Go ESKS!!!

EE- if you don’t know who you are talking to don’t insult them with unintelligent comments. a riders fan eh?? yeah, that’s me alright. that is why i am always commenting on how wonderful they are. and if i was a riders fan why would i bring up ron lancaster jr. what has he had to do with the riders??? i could understand being accused of being a tcat fan as at least they would understand why he is a potential concern aka disaster. do you even know anything about this guy? i would like to know how they announced him coming to town. ‘we are really exicted about having ron join this team as he has years of coaching experience inthe cfl. together we believe our offense will have an entirely new look’ by that they would mean the look of three and out if you were unaware. am i jealous no. i feel no need to be jealous of you. i think you made many good acquistions in the offseasor and that is why i suspect rl jr is your biggest weakness. to think the offensive coordinator is not important is delusional esp if he is the one calling the plays. and he does believe in having complete control over play calling by the way. only after daley forced some changes were any made last year. edm fans i have a lot of respexct for most of you but EE sounds like a rider fan (and yes i am aware there are some intellignet rider fans as well) spewing crap like we are the best everyone wishing they were us.

apparently i do not like being accused of being a rider fan. :smiley:

I know you're a bomber booster blackdale, don't let the ignorance get you far as Lancaster Jr. goes ,just be glad he's not in the 'Peg anymore. Probably Khari was hoping Jr. would have stayed put but as luck would have it he is pursuing Khari's career to EDM. Jones must be having nightmares......but for how long .....KJ. might escape in a trade thus ridding himself of jr's football expertise. :lol:

if khari will ever have a chance to play his game again he needs to get away from jr that is for sure.

and while i am here-- can we keep the profanities out of it. this is a site meant for everyone and people like gadescup should either clean it up or be booted. there is no reason to add expletives every second word. it adds nothing other that a cue for others to lose any respect for you and your opinions.

..........the boy is seriously out of control........

Lancaster JR is a joke sort of like Kevin Fetrik, Tom Jones (Gadeboy ala Paul Martin) and the Gleibermans!

Blackdale what makes you think anyone cares to be respected by you? After all, your obviously either from Riderville of Winnipeg. Both of which don't even have a real football club or a starting QB!

Although, the Bombers do have one player....C. Roberts.

Do you want Kahari back? The Esks have so much talent maybe they'd be willing to trade him for some footballs or a good pair of cleats.

Khari…will more than likely be back up for the esks as Mass will be on the IR for a few games.

ee-- not saying you need to care about my respect-- just thought you may want occasional people to respect your opinion and giving you some advice on how to achieve that. take it or leave it but live with the consequences.

An ESKS OC won't be all that important this year anyway. Maas will be gone and Jones and Ray both call their own plays.

jones did not call his own plays last year in winnipeg. ronnie likes his power. something that will need to be dealt with

EE-- you like to run down all teams, It is a disgrace to the CFL on how Edmonton is spending money. The Yankees or the New York Rangers the different people call the Esks of this year. Do you want to ruin the League?
ever hear what is happening in the NHL?? EE you will not mind at all if they ruin the great CFL???

Settle down arch the Esks aren't the only team spending money, the "cap" needs to be raised.

Now, the way that Edmonton played against Winnipeg. One question comes up.....Did Ricky Ray have a bad game....or...Is the Lancaster Jr. influence starting to settle in and show it's true colours?

Just askin!

As I said before in here somewhere, I think the problems we saw werer execution and not necessarily game plan. My only concern at the moment is are we making the necessasry adjustments. It is tough to get a read on that when we are seeing continuous fumbling, dropping balls and bad penalties.