Ron Lancaster Jr. released by ESKIMOS!!!!

Eskimos part ways with Winston and Lancaster

(Edmonton) The Edmonton Eskimos announced today that the contracts for Defensive Line Coach Dennis Winston and Receivers Coach Ron Lancaster will not be renewed.
Eskimo Head Coach and Director of Football Operations Danny Maciocia says, “Dennis and Ron made positive contributions to our coaching staff and I wish them continued success in their respective careers.?
Winston spent the last two seasons with the Esks, while Lancaster worked four seasons in Edmonton (1996 & ’97; 2005 & ’06).

I thought you guys were trying to find a coach.
Looks like you are going backwards....

HAHAHA... Danny does only cut his good players, he cuts his coaches too! What fantastic irony this is!

Plus, isn't a bit more then strange how top notch OC Steve Burratto did not want to go to the Eskimoes. And now this, plus Danny M has not found an OC yet.
Could the problem be Danny M?

The Eskies did the Right think letting Lancaster Junior go. Look at the disasters he "piloted" in Hamilton and Winnipeg.

I think you guys are understanding this wrong. There were rumours that RDL would become the Eskimos OC and he was a complete DISASTER as an OC in his coaching career. Eskimo fans are joyous, as the team finally let the bum go. Don't believe me...?

I'm finding it wonderfully entertaining how the people who have proven to be the most ignorant and biased as it pertains to the Eskimos organisation are now the experts on their football philosophy. keep it up!

You had to figure that after their worstr season in 35 years someone was getting fired. They said over and over it wont be maciocia so then it means the next in line would be the OC and DC. Maciocia stepped down as OC (possibly at the request of management) and the DC stayed the same. They had to do a little more of a shakeup than that though to prove to the fans and the players that therye serious though and Ron Lancaster Jr. is one of the fall guys

....i just hope they keep Campbells son around....i still like the defensive call he made on that last gasp touchdown of Milts....i.m hoping for more of the same in 07... :lol: :thup:

Do you also like the league-leading defence he ran in 2005, to win the Grey Cup?

But things change, Edmonton was second last in points against in 2006 and also second last in yards against.

You are correct though, Edmonton did have one of the best defences in 2005, if not the best.

But the best indicator of future performance is what just happened and going from first to second last should turn a warning light on in the Eskimos front office. Even if they keep him (Campbell) around, I'm sure they'll have him on a short leash. I'm sure a great franchise like the Eskimos (like most other franchises) won't take back to back losing seasons lightly.

For the most part, I feel the Eskimos problems on defense last season were mainly personnel related. First the team lost 3 starters from '05 to '06 on the defensive line, cut Brady, and had Shannon Garret playing linebacker b/c AJ Gass was out with injuries/ family reasons for a good part of the season. Then Reggie Durden's play declined dramatically(i think he took 3 PI's in one game alone!). Numerous Injuries to defensive backs and safeties throughout the season had Antico Dalton(a defensive lineman) playing safety one game! They said that if one more DB or safety were injured that game, they were prepared to put Jason Tucker in as a safety!

Sure Cambell called a few plays that were very unusual and resulted in very big consequences. But when you have too young of a team defensively, with numerous injuries impacting the team throughout the season, you can't put much blame on Cambell at all. I do however agree with you that Cambell will be on a pretty short leash. If the defence is underperforming for the first half of the season, I wouldn't be surprised if they let him go. IMO solely b/c of the fact that he coached a league-best defence in '05, they are giving him another chance after the pathetic '06 season.

All good points esks123 and all I agree with.