Ron Estay retiring...

As some of you may have heard by now, Ron Estay informed us (Thursday afternoon) that he is "retiring from football." Ron, who has been fighting the good fight against cancer, had a position "holding" with us, per our promise to him. We had also taken steps, though, to place him on "disability" given his significant health challenges and the incredible rigors of the coaching life, which almost certainly would have been too tough for him in 2009.

The great news is Ron accepted a position in Louisiana (where he's in the LSU Hall of Fame) as a "celebrity host" for a hunting and fishing company. It will be a very relaxed lifestyle for Ron, doing two things he loves, and living at home close to family and friends. Hopefully, the fresh air, warm sunshine, and sloooow pace of life will bring him peace and happiness as he treasures each day.

Please continue to keep Ron in your thoughts and prayers...

Gonna miss the "ole Swampdog"! At least in Louisiana they'll understand that accent.....

Godspeed Ron!!

Thanks for telling us this Eric.

To Ron,

Thanks for all your excellent work over the years. Live long and prosper!

Best wishes to coach Estay!