Rompin Ronnie Rides into the Sunset

I'll make it short and sweet. Ron Lancaster needs to seriously consider retiring before he is remembered more for his blunders as a coach than his Hall of Fame play as a quarterback. Bow out gracefully Ron. :cry:

An acutely insightful and wise analysis of the problem, cuphungry.

Very interesting.

Completely incorrect but interesting.

IMO, we fans should be thankful Ron graciously accepted an unsolicited request
by the Ticats to get back on his horse provided he can jump back out of the saddle
as soon as the team can bring in the best possible coach they can find.

Unfortunately, the best coaches are on contract during the season
and to even contact them now would be considered tampering

which is illegal.

I think we should run him out of town for convincing Katz that Marshall was the problem.

Remember that Ronnie took the job on an interim basis. Which of the other coaches could have got them baack on track? We saw what happened to Paopao!
THe third down gamble may have been ill advised, but I remember Ronnie's rookie coaching year (1978) in Saskatchewan. The riders scored versus Ottawa. A single convert would tie, two pointer a win. Ronnie went for the two but didn't make it. The fans were sad, but appreciative that Ronnie wanted to win. Ronnie is a class act...he didn't have to take the job. Would the team be better with Marshall? Who knows!

Do you have inside information or are you speculating?

Just speculation but really who in this organization besides Lancaster has any experience to draw on. If you don't think he was involved in the decision making process I would suggest you are naive

There's no way for any of us to know who makes what decisions in the organization.

Let's be clear. This is not Lancaster's mess.

He's man enough to step up (again) and sufffer through this difficult time. It's easy to be around when things are sailing smoothly, but to come foreward when times are tough is very commendable and admirable.

Kudos to Ron.

Alot has been said about that infamous third down gamble, mainly in another thread but also here.

Personally....I liked the attempt. I may have considered another play, but I'd still go for it. Look at where we were at that point. Only down by 6, the running game was effective as was the front line. On any other time up to that point, it was an almost easy play for Holmes to get two yards. Fact...someone on the frontline missed their man. It happens. I probably would have considered a different play only because everyone in the world was expecting the ball to go to Holmes. Perhaps the line should have shifted one way or the other and aloow Maas (or maybe insert Williams) to run a bootleg for the first down.

The fact is, for many years the offense has shown no imagination. It's been very predictable. How many times did we see McManus stuffed on a 3rd down and 1 yard or less. Can anyone recall that last gamble or trick play on 3rd down when everyone figured it would be the McManus sneak, yet he threw a quick short pass to Hagins. THAT is what was needed.

The other point here...yes..the attempt failed and it cost us 7 points. But that it all it should have cost us. That should not have been an excuse for the Argos to score 28 points in the final quarter, essentially our team rolled over. The current team doesn ot know how to respond to adversity.

Turbo, if you think its all Ron's fault and this team would be better with Greg still as the head coach, then I suggest, that you are naive.

Time to go. Should have been let go after the 1-17 season. He is a legend and in the Hall but needs to go now.
Some people that could have been hired are, Russ Jackson, Dennis Mc Fee, Kavis Reed, or Angelo Mosca.

I'm not suggesting the team would be better under Marshall with the management struture in place at that time. I AM suggesting that Lancaster has made it worse

I AM suggesting that Lancaster has made it worse
well, you are wrong. so there :P

That doesn't make sense to me.

None of them have any head coaching experience except for Russ Jackson's debacle many, many moons ago.

Why fire a head coach who had no previous CFL head coaching experience only to replace him with another?

No you are double :stuck_out_tongue:

How mature and inciteful

yeah, but it beats getting mad at each other, say what :rockin:

When Lancaster took us to two straight Grey Cups he was a genius but now he doesn't know how to coach? I think not! He simplified the offense for Maas, a veteran quarterback but it still seems too complicated for Jason. Our problem is not behind the bench.It is behind the centre!

Both areas need addressing. Lancaster hasn't got the respect of the players He was also a lousy couch otjher seasons so this is hardly a surprise. Take of the blinders and watch his decision making and you'll see a patern throughout his carrer. He wasn't a great coach in 98 or 99 but Danny Mac could win a game on his own with only 2 quarters of effort

Funny that history says otherwise.

He wasn't a great coach in 98 or 99 but Danny Mac could win a game on his own with only 2 quarters of effort
That's so ridiculous that it's funny.

Sorry we disagree but you'll never convince me that

1 Lancasters overall record is particularily good

  1. Danny Mac ever played a complete game but boy oh boy could he pile up the points in the spurts of greatness he had

128 wins 127 losses BEFORE this season. Hall of fame stuff :lol: