Romby Who?

Anybody miss him last night???

Perhaps the Argos did. :lol:

.....Bryant 30 made his debut with a first-place club and a quality qb........didn't set the cowboys offence on fire

.....Amey 24 started for the BigBlue, cetainly not a first place team.....made some real nice catches .....fired up the Bomber offence.....

.....soooooooo ....Amey wins the debut game....and eventually will make the Bomber fans forget all about Romby ...... :wink:
....question....why did it take so long to get Otis Amey into the line-up..... :roll: :roll:

Amey had a great debut, no question. Hopefully he can continue against a defence better than what Toronto puts on the field this year.

As for Bryant, he only had a couple of practices to relearn how to do up the field instead of running 5 yard curl routes. One thing for sure is Burris was certainly looking for him, he had quite a few passes in his direction.

Amey had the better first game, but he's had weeks of practices. Anyway, time to move on anyway. Bryant's not here anymore, lets cheer on Amey and hope he continues to evolve into a good passcatcher.

Based on what he did against the Argos, that's a heck of a question. . . Romby was playing poorly from the start of the season; if this guy's this good, it is legitimate to ask why the heck he was languishing on the practice roster and Romby was drawing a paycheque for doing. . . not a whole heck of a lot.

Now, wolverine, you are interested in what he can do against other teams, so am I and so I'm sure are most, but don't sell the Argo defence short. Their secondary is pretty good. . . Younger and Middlebrooks are no slouches on the corner, and their 2 rookie HBs have been, to my mind, pretty darn impressive (Shivers and Shell, particularly the latter).

That said, what the heck Andrus thinks he's doing in nailing an allstar like Byron Parker to the bench is anyone's guess. . .

Defense has not been the Argos problem this season. Look at the stats going into this game: #2 in yards allowed, #2 run defense, #3 pass defense, #4 in points allowed. Going from the stats, it could be argued that the only better defense that Amey will face is the Als.

Hm, given those stats I'm quite surprised to see the Argo D is playing that well. I stand corrected. The Argo D has in the past few years been quite good, in particular their secondary was a good ball hawking group and were tough to pass against. This year it just doesn't seem like there is much to fear. Maybe its a product of their record going back to their loss streak last year. Not sure why Parker is on the bench right now unless Andrus hasn't seen enough of him in practice, maybe a lingering injury which he might have sustained in Philly before being cut, or since they are playing well enough on pass D without him Andrus doesn't want to make a change at this point that might disrupt that. Either way, a shame cause he was one of their best the last couple of seasons and would be boost to any secondary. I won't complain that he didn't play against us though.

yea im really surprised amey didnt see action earlier.. kids got fire and is young... i really like the look of guice too, i know he hasnt been thrown to much but he made some big blocks and looks dangerous... people i know that follow american football closely thought for sure he would stick in tennesse and still think he will make his way back to the nfl... only 24, good size, physical receiver. could be a big weapon when he learns the playbook better...

also i know titus ryan hadnt done a whole lot in calgary but he has a lot of speed and natural ability too and again very young... and bowman, a little erratic with the ball but is so dangerous after the catch... and hes just a young kid too... we have a lot of young tslent here... if we can find a good qb prospect our offense heading into the next few years could be looking up

I dunno about Ryan.. he's got awful hands.. but between Amey, Guice, Bowman, and then a couple young Canadians like Hargreaves and Arthur, we could certainly have a very good group of receivers in a few years -- lots of size, too.

I'm not going to judge Ryan. He's young and can hopefully correct any technique problems he had which lead to the fumbles. As for size, I wonder how many Bomber fans have noticed that Otis Amey at 5'11" is the shortest receiver on the Bombers roster right now.

Amey looked good but i would not get to excited yet on one game your only as good as your QB, he might suck rest of the year you never know one game prooves nothing

One game at a time is all we got...

Of course not, but he at least gives a reason to feel positive about something. A couple nice showings by new players, a win.....heck, as long as no one else quits the team between now and Friday, it's probably a good week to be a Bomber fan.

The only downside is the Bishop yo-yo. Because as Rider fans we know too well how he normally follows a good game.....

yeah, it's only one game, and he has to do it consistently, but he definitely showed he has the potential to play in this league. and hey, even if he does suck the rest of the year, it's not humanly possible to be a downgrade on Romby Bryant, so I won't be complaining too much..

The effort alone by the receivers in the game was head and shoulders above what it’s been in most of the other games. Yeah, it’s just one game, but I really liked what I saw…and to think we have Terrence Edwards coming back too…

Get your tickets folks…could be a heck of a game on Friday…

and these young recievers busting their butts will only help bishop.. it will give him a little confidence that they will go up and battle for the ball, or run a little fast out of cuts and etc... instead of mb thinking in his head please catch this one or at leats make an effort ... cause he hasnt been spectacular but as much fault can be placed on the recievers this year as him

Hey MadJack, just wanted to mention that you are one heck of a good poster. Always very objective and fair in your posts whether you are bringing up a positive or negative point about any of the teams in the CFL. Good show!

Hey, BigBlueFan, good you noticed about MadJack. He's the most insightful CFL fan I've ever met. Yes, there are some pretty good posters here, but to sit and talk to him really opened my eyes to how much he loves and knows the CFL. Players, facts, past and present, he knows! Got to watch 2 games with him, told him he should be a reporter. Imagine if the media had someone like him. Good guy and I'm proud he considers me a friend.

Easy guys, I'll get a swelled head.


But sincere thanks.

....Got to agree and embarrass you some more MadJack....all posters should strive to be as fair-minded as you....and NO i won;t send any money :lol: :lol: ....You are one of the few who care to get punctuation and spelling correct....which does reflect A LOT on ones' credibility.... :wink: :thup: