Romby Bryant

....WHY this guy still on the team....pathetic effort in the first half of the labour day game...should get him a ticket out of fact pathetic effort by a few Bombers ....looking like crap again.... :thdn:

Man is he ever struggling, Bowman and Edwards looked like supermen compared to him. Time to at least sit his assout a game or two.

I'd also add Craver on defence, that guy can't tackle to save his life and that fumbled punt return was killer.

Didn`t Bryant finish the game with 12 catches for over 100 yards? I have high hopes for next week, if the game plan is for more passing attempts than rushing.

that was Adarius Bowman :roll:

You are absolutely right to roll your eyes as I did the same thing when I read it in this article this morning.

[url=] ... 81-cp.html[/url] CP writer says .... NOTES: Romby Bryant finished the game eight receptions for 120 yards This was the first time Bishop lost a game when playing against his former team.

I`m scratching my head saying, hmmm I never saw that and I watched the entire game.

Here it is in full....

Coverage of the NFL and NCAA.

Receiver Bowman has huge day against former team


Winnipeg Blue Bombers wide receiver Adarius Bowman catches a touchdown under wraps by Saskatchewan Roughriders' defensive back Eddie Davis during second half CFL football action at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Sask., Sunday, September 6, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Geoff Howe

REGINA - Adarius Bowman did all he could to show up his former team in his return to Mosaic Stadium on Sunday.

Bowman hauled in five passes for a game-high 121 yards, but it wasn't enough as the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 29-14 in the 2009 Labour Day Classic.

"It was all right," the sophomore wide receiver, who was traded to Winnipeg from Saskatchewan in the off-season, said of his performance. "It would have been a lot nicer to get the win. I had a decent game but it could have been a lot better."

There were high expectations in Saskatchewan for the Oklahoma State graduate last season and after Bowman caught six passes for 112 yards and a touchdown in his first-ever CFL game against Edmonton.

Those expectations started to drop, along with numerous passes thrown his way. He was put on the nine-game disabled list with a leg injury and missed the last half of the 2008 season. He finished the year with 23 receptions for 358 yards.

Bowman was fairly quiet on the field this season as well with 17 receptions for 195 yards. But he started making noise Sunday when he took a 38-yard Michael Bishop pass to the Saskatchewan one-yard line with a one second remaining in the second quarter.

He stepped up again midway through the third quarter when he took a short crossing pattern 50 yards to Saskatchewan's 17-yard line. He caught his first touchdown pass of the season two plays later with Roughriders' defensive back Eddie Davis all over him.

"I think it was a little bit of his coming-out party," said Bombers head coach Mike Kelly. "We've been anticipating him being a play maker for us and I think he did a nice job today. He made some nice adjustments on routes and Michael was able to find him and he showed what kind of skills he has."

Bowman and the rest of the receiving corps were forced to come up big for the Bombers as their running game was shut down during the afternoon contest. Fred Reid, who predicted he would have a 300-yard game, was held to only 41 yards on the ground.

He was also stopped by Luc Mullinder and John Chick from the one-yard line on the last play of the second quarter that would have cut Saskatchewan's lead to 18-11 and given Winnipeg momentum at half-time.

Bishop struggled with a one-dimensional offence completing 20 of 33 passes for 329 yards and throwing three interceptions.

"We can't afford turn the ball over that many times," Kelly said of Winnipeg's six turnovers. "We played against a team that I admire. They play the game hard and they play the game the way it's supposed to be played and we can't afford to turn it over like that."

Despite being fortunate in the turnover battle, Riders head coach Ken Miller admitted it was a mistake not to focus on Bowman on Sunday. He credited Bowman with making critical catches over the middle and getting lots of yardage after the catch.

He also said the Riders (5-4) won't to be caught off guard by Bowman when they play the Bombers (3-6) in Winnipeg next week.

As for Bowman and the Bombers, they have one thing on their mind as they prepare for Sunday's rematch at Canad Inns Stadium.

"Revenge," Bowman said. "We just took a loss and we're trying to win. All that's on our mind is going back and correcting our mistakes and making it a better game next week."

NOTES: Romby Bryant finished the game eight receptions for 120 yards This was the first time Bishop lost a game when playing against his former team.

you know what? its the same old crap every year with the bombers and im getting tired of it!

its almost like every year we are saying, "this is a much better football team then 3-6"

or "theres only one more part of the team we need to start playing well"

"we're just one player away from being a contender"

one can only take so much... im getting sick of defending this team

Romby was a deep threat all season last year, most of his plays by my recollection were on long throws connecting with him in stride and with a lot of yards gained after the catch. Seems a good coach would look at the tape from last year and see this is where he excelled and with a strong arm in Bishop would at least once or twice a game try to hook up with him on a deep route. Or at least give it a shot once in 4 games. I can recall only the ball being thrown his way on short curl or hitch routes this season. Unfortunately, if we cut him I see him in hamilton connecting with glenn yet again. Maybe he is disinterested in Kelly's offensive plan. Can't say Kelly's offense keeps me interested either.

Bryant would still be great if you still had Glenn to pass him the ball.

.....if the guy is doing nothing for us......what's the sense in keeping him on the roster....I believe he doesn't want to be here...obviously doesn't like the way we are using him...orrrrr he doesn't like Kelly (can't figure out why)...I know he was doggin it in t.c....Kelly told him to take the sombrero off...and it seems to have gotten worse from there...Romby isn't playing half of his potential....and maybe never will again for the Peg....get rid of him....Bite the bullett....There are lots of good nfl cuts right now....Time to work one into the line-up for next year, as i believe that's what we're playing for now...We are really missing Franklyn and he should return after the banjo bowl....should help the receiving corps...Get another import and we'll have another target who will at least try for the ball ...unlike Bryant who is done here...I'm sick of beating dead horses with this team... :thdn: :oops:

With the money Bombers where going to spend on Pac Man and another suspended guy, they could have brought Arland Bruce in?

At any rate I think it can work with who we have now. If I was in charge I would hold meetings with Bishop and all the receivers/Slot backs/running backs, ask everybody for their 2 cents. Ask the QB and his receivers what they feel the most comfortable with.

Why isnt Bishop trying to run? Why are we not throwing short passes to the rbs? Why are we not in the shotgun? Why are we not doing play action more?

....all great questions.....ESPECIALLY the mention of the cash we were about to spend on Pacman....Kelly seems to have blinders on with regard to acquiring certain players....and yet sticks with obvious deadwood...I don't know where we stand with the Dorsey situation...His rights were held by the Argos when he left...i would imagine they still have them....IF NOT...spend the money on a returner Kelly....WE DON'T HAVE ONE...I doubt whether the argos would trade for Dorsey...if that's what it takes.... but we might have to give it a shot....We need something to break soon.. :roll:

It turns out Dorsey's rights are not held by the Argos. He would be a free agent. I know some media reports I saw implied they had his rights but it seems it is more assumption that he will return to the Argos because he apparently gave his word to Adam Rita that he would.

I don't think he would sign with Winnipeg though because I don't think he would be satisfied just returning kicks. The guy is a RB and the Bombers' backfield is kinda full.