Romby Bryant sent to Calgary!

The Stampeders acquired Romby Bryant, Arjei Franklin, a third-round pick in 2010 from the Bombers for Jabari Arthur, Titus Ryan, Odell Willis, two 2010 draft picks.

There is more to the trade -- check for details.

The Kelly Circus is now in PURGE mode.

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The Stamps needed WR Bad .. I can see this trade

With this purge happening in Winnipeg, I think we should try and pick up some players to help us make a playoff run. Someone like Gavin Walls, who has been dominant in years past, but is having a slow year right now, could probably picked up for alot less than he would have last year or the year before. Our pass rush still could use some improvement, and maybe with a change of scenery, he would revitalize his career.

Good trade?

Bummers can have any receiver they want but if you don't have a QB that can string three plays together what good is it.?

An exodus of talent all because of Kelly. The longer he stays the more damage he will do.

Wow...that was fast. Did Kelly make the trade while Romby was still in the showers after the game. Or did he start the deal making at halftime.

Has anyone ever been traded during a game?

I don't think that is possible as far as finalizing/filing the trade is concerned. However, the timing IS amazing. LOL

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Can you imagine though. A player goes into the locker room at half time and someone is there to collect his equipment. Buh bye!

Trevor Shaw might have been close to it


Funny go over to the Bomber Forum and its was like here the last few years

The Bombers are now in full rebuilding mode. They are getting rid of all of their money players and I guess they will be trying new people.

They don't have a QB. I have said this to a buddy and I'll say it here. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bombers traded for Adam Tafralis in the off season. Just a gut feeling.

As for a trade during the game, you see this a lot in baseball where a guy is traded mid game, and shakes everyones hand in the dug out before he goes to clean out his locker.

I remember in 2006 when Ronnie took over the HC duties and after a game, on the way to the dressing room, he cut Craig Yeast from the team.

Shebazz would look awfully good as our safety

We have to play a Canadian There The Ratio
if we play an American at Safety
You must Play a Canadian Else where.
Sandy is doing okay Job and Dillon will take over sooner or later .

Now Bishop or whoever has to work with rookie receivers. he he


Romby Bryant is in his option year.

He told Milt Stegal has wanted out
of Winnipeg since Day 2 this year.

The Bombers were likely trying to trade him for some time.

They weren't going to get any players or picks for him
if he made it to free agency at the end of the season.

Although he has missed time with injuries this year,
it is hard to replace Canadian receiver, Arjei Franklin.

Arjei's a good one.

We should definately try to get Bowman

6’4 Bowman with 6’5 Rodriguez on the other side, that would be a nightmare matchup for any defence.

Another trade:

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