Romby Bryant released

guess negotiations weren't going well huh

...RB read somewhere that the riders were the odds-on fav to win the GC this year so he really wants to go to Regina

ha! Yeah...a lot ove people are getting over hyped in riderland. a couple pickups and a couple losses. The O should look better this year, but there are going to be some big holes to fill in the D. Better team...perhaps...guess we will see.

Well...I was a little surprised by the release is all. I am guessing that the 2 sides were simply not at the same place in negotiations, and the Stamps did the classy thing by releasing him so he could better pursue options. This is raw assumption of course.

...I don't think it's a bad assumption at all...Huf has publicly stated he released RB before the FA deadline to allow him greater time to shop himself, and while the reason for that is speculation at this point the two sides being far apart on relative worth is certainly valid...

The Riders may have jumped the gun with Simon as Bryant is a speedy WR. both Bryant and Simon could coexist with taj Hill als a WR. 4 import receivers and 1 NI is something that the Als have been doing for years. It helps that they have an all Canadian line. The Riders will have 4 and import LT is not going anywhere soon. Butler at safety, Shomari williams at Will LB and sholo and possibily DT charles with the number 4 pick to rotate with sholo could be possible. with those rec and Cortez leading the offense DD could pass for over 5,000 yards.
Salary Cap will be the issue with Simon and bryant

well, unfortunately for Bryant I don't think his salary expectations will be met anywhere. The closes would likely be Esks or Bombers...possibly Toronto. He would be a great player to load up with an incentive based contract, because he is capable of amazing things.

I don't think the Stampeders offered Romby any contract whatsoever.

It was apparent that he wasn't going to be starting anymore in Calgary, and they have a top young guy to be backup. A veteran who has been highly paid doesn't usually do well after a huge pay cut and a backup role. It also doesn't make sense to have your older players with diminishing talents as backups. The guys not quite good enough to play should be young players who are improving and can one day step in as starters.

Calgary likes to start three import receivers. Lewis, McDaniel and Price are the guys with Joe West giving some big competition. There is no room for Romby in Calgary and hence his release.

He'll likely latch on somewhere. Huf said he Romby had been such a team guy in Calgary that he owed him the early release to get a jump on finding a position for next year.

I'm pretty sure the Stamps needed some cap room. Unfortunately, Romby was probably wanting a raise as well ... bingo bango ... veteran receiver on the market. I wish Romby all the best. would love to see hiim back in the Red and White (and black), but don't think it's gonna happen. I think this was a classy move by the Stamps to give him the best opportunity to look elsewhere, if it did not look like things were going to work out with in our organization.


I liked Romby, took some BIG hits for the Stamps. Classy player.