Romby Bryant ...extended

...Kudos to Mike Kelly and the gang for realizing, that you have to negotiate with guys and get them signed, before the 11th. hour ...This is something that should have been done in the past....however Taman chose to go another route ...leaving us in the lurch......Bryant is a top-tier receiver and solidifies a very good receiving corps.... :thup: good news...

Great news to hear Romby will be in Blue&Gold for a couple years anyway's, just hope he plays like he did last season!! I don't see why not!! :rockin:

Good signing. From what I saw last year, this guy's a keeper for sure.

Papa BT never had any problems keeping players in Winnipeg. The only guy I can think of that he couldn't get to come back is Bruce and looking at his play, it didn't hurt the Bombers one bit. Funny how Taman got Gauthier to sign in Winnipeg but when Kelly came calling he wanted to play closer to home :roll:

Good signing; Bryant is a keeper.

....Oh i could list a few that Taman left till it was too late....Brian Clarke for one....and a few others from last year...Goodspeed, Canada, and Sheridan were left till the very end... I prefer to go the route Kelly is taking.....makes for a brighter and secure future


I hate the Bombers with a passion, but they were smart to wrap up Bryant. He is dangerous.

This is good for the league. Bryant is an exciting player to watch. Good job hanging onto him.

guess what buddy, i hate you with a passion

I think that is the nicest thing I have ever heard you say about the Bombers oit.

Romby seemed to be getting over his dropsy's last season and looks like a legit deep threat in the league.