Roman Gabriel, former CFL player?

I have been told that former college and NFL great Roman Gabriel once played in the CFL in the late 1960s, but I can't find any evidence of it. He supposedly played for Montreal, but he is not listed on their website's all-time roster. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you!

I don't think he did.
There may have been talk but he never attended and didn't he play his entire career with the LA Rams. A great QB for sure.

He played for the Rams and the Eagles in the NFL, but this link doesn't reference anything in the CFL:

[url=] ... brRo00.htm[/url]

To the best on my knowledge, Roman Gabriel did not play in the CFL. Perhaps there he is being confused with former CFL player Tony Gabriel.

Maybe your source is thinking Joe Kapp? They look alike

I remember hearing stories from my dad about Roman Gabriel playing a game or 2 for Montreal in the 70's. According to him, they came here to play the Bombers, and Gabriel was shut down completely, amidst hype 'a la Ricky Williams in 2006. I don't have a source, other than hearsay though. Anyone remember this?

Maybe you are thinking of Tony.

Aren't you thinking of Vince Ferragamo? Not that anyone really wants to, given his CFL performance; led the league in interceptions as I recall. :lol:

I stand corrected, I was thinking of Ferragamo, thanks ploen_truth

HA HA HA! I was actually at that game when Ferragamo and the Al's came to the Peg in 1981. The Bombers blew them out 56-0! What a farce! :lol: The Al's also had some other high profile NFL'ers who supposedly were still in their prime on that team, and they stunk the joint out that season at 3-13 if I recall.

Tony Gabriel (who's a Canuck) played in the CFL, but I never recall Roman Gabriel playing in it. If he did, it certainly was after his years in the NFL were over, and probably in a backup capacity at most.