Rolling Stones Riders Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:thup:Everybody is on the Rider bandwagon this year!!!!!!!!!! Even the Rolling Stones!

Mick Jagger welcomed Roughrider fans at Mosiac last night and wished the Riders well on Monday over the Als.
I guess winners like to pick and stay with winners!! :rockin:

did he wear a riders jersey during any songs?

here the pic i found in the leader-post:

-After teasing the crowd, playfully egging on, "The city that rhymes with fun," and wishing the Roughriders well on Monday

I'm sure if they were in TO, Montreal or Edmonton, the Stones would be saying the same thing to their fans.

Nah, everybody knows that Toronto is more a Leaf town. And The Stones have been here enough times to know THAT. :roll:

BEST concert EVER!! :rockin: i went to it the on Friday night and boy :rockin: :cowboy: well the Stones did mention they played Calgary & Winnipeg, but that when the BIG BOOS came out, all in fun :lol: everybody had a good laugh :lol: and i think Mick & the boyz know about [i]Rider Pride[/i] now! :rockin: well when they were on TO, Montreal, Calgary or Winnipeg, did they mention there football team? :stuck_out_tongue:

:thup: Charlie Watts the drummer of the Stones was wearing a green Rider t-shirt I think. True Rider fans those Rolling Stones. And, as Mick said, FUN RHYMES WITH SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!!!


I agree, I was at the concert on Friday and it was the best concert I have ever seen. It was a nice gesture on the Stones part to wish the Riders luck on Monday. Maybe the team should give them Rider jerseys and hat as gifts to the band. Let the Stones show their Rider Pride!!

I love the Stones as many peaple on this forum would know by now, I love to hate the Riders also, Mixed emotions I'll say, Mick opened up a concert in Philly back in the early eighty's wearing an Eagles Jersey....If he would of opened up the Concert with a loud Explosion n light show wearing a green Riders Jersey bellowing out the lyrics to Start me up...priceless..