Rolling out the Welcome Mat

well, it's time again to welcome back some loveable ex-cats this week.i'd just like to say a couple of things before you get your hate on for these 2 guys and you know who they are.maybe we should put all of our energy into booing one guy instead of two. i know its going to be very easy to boo our former
D coordinator so have at it, although i wouldn't be surprised if he asks pinner to go in the booth this week. if he couldn't take the boos last year, he sure as hell won't be able to handle them this year.
as for #78, i think we need to welcome him back
with some sort of applause, if only a little one.
say what you want about him taking stupid penalties
and frustrating us but we need to realize that this guy played his sack off for us every play, this guy would do anything he needed to in order to help the team, even sacrificing stats and playing out of position most of the when you're revving up your boos this weekend, direct them at the guy that deserves them not the guy that use to wake up at the crack of crows piss to go to his other job, and then come to IWS to practice to help make a difference.
remember this,the tiger-cats got rid of adriano-he did not want to leave.

do the right thing this saturday

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