Roll Call!!! BMO Field

Who is going to the game, where are you sitting, where are you going before the game, have any fun chants you've got planned, any new special jerseys etc. etc

Way I see it, Argos are trying to have this great merry party to celebrate the rebirth of the CFL in the city...I'd like to crash it with some Oskee Wee Wee chants and hopefully a Cats win...who is with me!?

I'm with ya! 18 rows behind Cats bench. Going to the Shipyard closer to kick off.

Will be loud. Bringing 3 Cats fans with me too.

Oskee Wee Wee!! :rockin:

I will be at the game sect 222 being as loud as i can

section 108
4 of us.

In the spirit of rivalry, should we consider referring to it as "BM Field"?

Sitting in 207… right across from the Ticat bench and will be chanting “ARGOS SUCK!!!” at every opportunity!

Section 222 3 of us

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 4h4 hours ago
#CFL has moved kickoff for #Argos v. #Ticats back to 8 p.m. for BMO opening. Not sure when they planned to tell everybody... #CFLKickoff

Marshall Ferguson
[b]#Argos vs #Ticats opener kickoff time has been moved from 7:30 to 8:00 tomo night.

Cause: Pomp & circumstance.

I'll be there with a group of (I think) six; A friend of a friend picked up the tickets, so I have no idea where we are, unfortunately.

Section 205, row 16, you wont be able to miss me, I will be the only Ti-Cat fan sitting with an arblow fan lol

He is an old army buddy and fell on his head to many times!!!!

Cats have to win, or he is going to make my trip back to the subway station a living hell!!!


i'm in section 125 row 19 behind the Argos bench wearing my hound's-tooth shorts and Tie cats hat and shirt ,.Going to the tailgate as well .

I will be in section 121, I believe the silver section behind the Ti-Cats bench.

I'll be in section 210 sitting right next to 2ez :smiley: :rockin: along with 2 of his buddies. We won't be too hard to miss , we'll be the guys wearing Black "n" Gold :wink:

I'll also be sporting my favourite button on my ball cap 8) GO CATS GO !!!!!!!

as long as we hear the ex good guys (Hickman, et al) say HOLY BM a lot tonight I will be totally satisfied. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Wife and I are sitting section 121, row 5, seats 11 and 12.

I will be as loud as I can, but my 4'11" wife will be the loudest in BMO field. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lets go Cats!!!

(oh, is it true, 8pm start)?

Section 205 Row 13

I wonder how many Ticat fans will be there?

Section 222 row 9

See you at the Ship Yard!! Section 107, Centre Field!!

Aww yeah, 10 people at Section 222...

But the damn Go trains' delayed and I'm still stuck at damn Burlington!

very impressive stadium to watch a CFL game.
Real grass is nice. Beers expensive. About $12 can, $14 a large draft. But par for the course these days.
Good food selection. Some fancy footlongs, pulled pork and pulled chicken. Lots of French Fry options including poutine and cheese fries with chicken and a tasty looking blend of goodies. Pizza Pizza was also an option.
Good atmosphere, average size crowd. Easy access with Go transit. Trending in the right direction IMO.