Role Reversal,lack of pass rush

Does anybody else feel the role reversal our team has gotton into?
We were always the team that had the rushing Defensive ends pressuring and sacking QB's all over the league.

Now every team is pulling stunts successfully on our O line and we have no pass rush.

This is the strangest and most difficult thing to watch.
We've been fortunate to have stars like Joe Montford and Grover Covington and others over the years,now we need another real quick D end and soon.

How can we stop this pressure on our O line and QB's?
Keep a extra blocking back in the backfied on passing downs or on every down seems like a no brainer solution,twin backs would be nice given the teams record of not stopping sacks.

Until we can fix the oline problems we need to use the FB and RB more as extra blockers.

I'm a big fan of fullbacks because they are usually really good blockers. So I'd put Piercy in more to block, especially on passing downs. I know some will say "gee, but then we have one less receiver downfield" and to that I say, what good is it to have lots of receivers out if the QB doesn't have enough time to find his receivers.

Maybe we should try two backs when we're in the shotgun. Line up one back on each side of Printers. If you want to one or both in to block, that's fine by me. But our passing game is going to suffer if we don't change things up.

Lining up 2 backs in the back field is fine. Just make sure they both have "slip" plays where if they can they slip out into the backfield or run a short route as an outlet pass.

And a 2nd back could be a solution to a problem
Hage, and now Hudson have spoken out about.

"We're not blocking the guy coming free off the end,

so there is nothing you can do about it.

We're just trying to do the best we can,

that's all there is to it.

If we give up a sack, we give up a sack.

We can't block them everytime," he said.

Cats suffer shame, blame
as they regroup for Argos

'It's frustrating beyond belief,'

says Hudson

August 02, 2008
Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator
(Aug 2, 2008)

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I can't understand why an experienced coaching staff can't figure this out when the fans can see it.

Hudson - Woodard - Dyakowski - Do not have the individual talent that is necessary to help the O Line. They were pathetic last year and remain players who should be replaced.

Hudson - Woodard - Dyakowski - Do not have the individual talent that is necessary to help the O Line. They were pathetic last year and remain players who should be replaced.
Agreed. The only one worth keeping on the O Line is Hage. The rest are all expendable.

The idea of using running backs as blockers in order to get our passing game in gear may be our only option for now.

Isn't it a shame that our O Line can't get the job done?

I agree if we can't block anybody than we should go to two back sets or use a tight end. oh ya we cut Dickerson because he couldn't play defensive end.

Matt Dunigan made a similar suggestion of twin backs before or during last Ti-Cat game.
I believe he suggested having Smith and Lumsden.
The main reason is to stop the safety /Db blitz and give struggling QB's some extra time in the pocket to see the second and third recievers.

The O-line's job is to stop the D-line's push.

What Marwan and George have said is that

when a LB or DB is sent in on the outside
there is no blocker there to block him out.

That is the way the Offence is designed.

I guess Marcel is gambling that the QB
will get the play off well before he's hit.

Seldom can an O-linman get free to stop
one coming through up the middle either.


On 2nd and long defences often
send in more men on the blitz

than there are blockers
to stop their rush.

Don't blame only the O-line
when they are outnumbered.

Maybe that is the time
to go to a two back set.