Rohan Davey...

According to the Wpg Free Press yesterday, The Big Blue are interested in Rohan Davey. That guy is pretty darn good. Hes kinda like a minature vick, hes got decent legs and a nice arm. I think this guy could make a big impact if they got him...opinions. BTW hes a beast 6'2 245LBS lol. Hes in ur madden 07 & 06 games too. Check him out.

sounds good, is he a QB?


he will go back to the patriots where he won a superbowl ring. Rohan is a big 6'2'' 245 lb. QB with a big arm, but is built more for the NFL, plus he knows the patriots system well, and the pats only have 2 QBs right now in Brady and Cassel, so Davey returning to foxboro makes logical sense.

**** foxboro! he coming to Winnipeg! he's not going back to ******* foxboro or the Pats (at least untill they move to Hartford, like they should have in 2000! GO WHALERS!!!)

and besides, he has won the Super Bowl, now if I were him, I'd go for the Grey Cup, which is alot harder to win. :wink:

I like how you go from asking who he is to saying what he will do...

yea lol in my first post i even put quote: He is like a Mini Vick hes got decent legs and a nice arm then he asks Is he a quarterback? lol

sry, I do stupid things like that all the time, but I'm very serious about the Pats.

I live in Lafayette, Louisiana, and have followed Rohan Davey ever since he left the LSU Tigers. I will tell you that RD would be a great addition to any team. He is not, however, in the Marcus Vick mold--he is big, strong, but not a great runner. His strength is his decision making at the quarterback position, his accuracy, and his character. He was never a trouble maker, patiently waited his turn behind quarterbacks that weren't as good as he (Josh Booty), and always had the support of his teammates. His tenure as starting QB at LSU was short, but tremendously successful. I believe he was MVP in NFL Europe one year. He can play. The LSU quarterback that took his place would also help the Lions...Matt Mauck, who was waived by Tennessee yesterday. Very similar QB to Davey, but not as big. Older guy (minor league baseball) who led LSU to the national championship. Only problem is his age and his desire to go to dental school.