Roghing the passer/QB over the line question.

Although this is a call that I feel is being missed by the officials a lot, that is not really the gist of my post. In the Montreal Saskatchewan game there was a play where the Sask Quarterback appeared to be well over the LOS, he passed and was drilled by the Montreal defender who got a roughing the passer penalty.

My question is, if he was indeed over the LOS, he is now a runner not a passer and is fairer game than as a passer. Can roughing the passer be called if the QB is over the line? opinion, and thats all it is, no official ruling here by any means, is that yes once Durant crossed that line he became a runner and open to a hit, but then he began a throwing motion and by virtue of this he is always under the 'cloak of quarterback protection' while attempting a pass, and the closest thing the refs could've called to enact this protection was a roughing the passer call...

I think it should be the same thing. Kind of like a goaly trying to skate up ice with the puck...

I wish the league started calling all the intentional grounding and dumping by the QB's. Some QB's like Calvillo and Ray are throwing in the stands and dirt multiple times each game. To me it its the equivalent of unsportsman like conduct.

...personally, I think if a QB has to toss the ball away he should be forced to whip it into the stands to avoid the penalty...YAY FREE BALL!!!!....

I think that they should go back to the old rule where the ball has to be within 5 yards of a reciever.....None of this "crossing the LOS" baloney.

As the illegal forward pass(throwing after crossing) I don't like the options that the Defence has. All they can do is replay the down 10 yards back. They should have the option of the O just losing the down.

As it stands now. 3rd and goal in the dieing minutes(or anytime really) the QB passes the LOS and throws a touchdown. If the D declines the penalty its a touchdown, so they wont do that. If they accept the penalty, they replay the down 10 yards back.....but this gives the Offence another opportunity to win the game. The Offence is being penalized and rewarded at the same time.

There should be an option to just disallow the play meaning it would be a turnover on downs.

I wish the league would set some sort of consistent standard for calling receiver off-side. I routinely see receivers go grossly off-side (like a yard ahead of the snap) without a call, but all of a sudden during a game, they decide to call a borderline offside, as if to prove a point. Either call it only if it's a gross violation (ignoring the marginal infractions), or enforce the rule rigorously. This selective flagging is just nonsense, and from an entertainment standpoint, nothing is less exciting than a big play called back because of some stupid phantom off-side call that had no impact on the play whatsoever.