Rogers to buy Shaw - How this could impact the CFL

Rogers signs deal to buy Shaw in deal valued at $26B | CBC News

Off the top of my head, the naming rights of the Grey Cup event.....presented by Shaw.

Though neither have a broadcast agreement, Rogers will own allot more stations now. If a CFL-XFL merger happens, all of the sudden there is more content to sell.

Or it could be nothingburger...:slight_smile:


Shaw was a good partner with the CFL . I think it does effect us as consumers and a CFL supporter . Shaw was competition which helps with better prices and service . Being western based it valued the CFL fan . They telecast U sports western football .

Less competition there tends to be less impetus for better service and prices .

This is probably not a benefit for the CFL fan in the long run never seen Rogers as CFL friendly . They tried their best to have the Buffalo Bills supersede the Argos in Toronto . Seen it first hand at Skydome .

Was hoping for Global to be available to telecast a CFL game and add some competition to TSN's hold on media rights . That won't happen now . Global for the last few years was CFL friendly in their news etc .....

Maybe that will change with influx of new people who can make their way to the top .


My enthousiasm from the last Justice League trailer was vanished when I saw this news.

Global wouldn't be able to broadcast a CFL game unless they picked up the TSN feed.

Don't think things will change that much except for the Grey Cup sponsorship. Someone else will likely step in and sponsor it, don't know if Rogers would sponsor the Grey Cup.
Bell and Rogers both carry TSN.

Has the Grey Cup sponsorship already been dropped?

If Shaw doesn't exist anymore then, yes how could they sponsor the Grey Cup?

Grey Cup in Hamilton might be sponsored by "My Pillow"

Seems like it was dropped before the Rogers sale. I'm guessing it was dropped last year since there wasn't going to be one in the traditional sense before it was cancelled outright.

Wonder what happened with Shaw. I have dealt with them for 20 years with landlines, internet and Cable.

Too Bad another western based company is going down the tubes. The little I have had to deal with Rogers in the past, I will probably start looking for a different Satellite provider.

Not a good time to be losing a sponsor of the Grey Cup when there are no ticket sales to bring in revenue.


A business thing, Rogers moved in and offered Shaw shareholders $40 a share and they jumped at it. Nothing really to do with going down the tube. It's not like Rogers will fire all the existing Shaw workers and bring in Roges people, you won't see a change at all with your service, for customers it's just a name change
I'm sure they will find another sponsor


Did not see this coming. Unreal. Shaw was good in its own when it came to its content.

Rogers will be a bully and screw this up. USports football? Cancel it. Well fill in that slot. The Grey Cup? Never liked it. Lets put Nascar. The rest of the empty slots, lets just play the Plays of the Month in a loop for a couple of hours.

For the most part, they will axe every job that was with Shaw. Typical Toxic Culture by Rogers.

Hopefully another sponsor comes it. Like Viagara. That's a way of sticking it back at Rogers.


They tried taking over Cogeco earlier and were told to take a hike .

They will reduce and consolidate like every other take over .

You do seem to like monopolies and the media/tech bullies in Canada for a guy living in the US .

Rogers/Bell over charged for years and it had taken government action to reduce their control and taking Canadians to the cleaners .

The Liberal government is giving Canada's big three national wireless providers two years to cut their basic prices for cellphone services by 25 per cent โ€” and telling them it will step in to cut prices if they don't comply.

Bains also released a long-awaited price comparison study that shows prices have fallen over the last couple of years โ€” but wireless services in Canada still rank among the most expensive in G7 countries.

That 2019 study also showed that, within Canada, regional brands like Freedom Mobile, SaskTel, Videotron and EastLink offered plans that were on average between 12 and 45 per cent cheaper than those offered by national providers.

Freedom Mobile was Shaw ,

Innovation, Science and Industry Minister Navdeep Bains issued the ultimatum today along with new spectrum auction rules that could open up Canada's wireless market to new competition.

"Yes, affordability is a challenge and we need to see lower prices," Bains told CBC news.

Bains said the government expects Bell, Telus and Rogers to reduce the cost of their 2 to 6 gigabyte data plans by 25 per cent within the next two years. That would mean offering a talk, text and data plan costing less than $40 monthly.

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Somewhat on-topic: Many years ago in the US when the now-defunct America One Television carried the CFL one of the sponsors was ExtenZe. Their commercials ran during every game. It would make me laugh when it aired. This sponsorship led Altitute Sports out of Denver to drop the CFL games.


Too funny.

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Youโ€™re just funninโ€™ us, right?

Great find! Ah those were the days! I remember America One in the first year here and we used to have an annual thread for US games and banter about America One and pirate sources back then.

Then go figure the CFL was on the NFL Network, then NBCSN for a few games with oddball coverage at that before landing on ESPN3 and then some games finally on ESPN.

I suppose now we should either credit or blame ExtenZe for our present situation for the CFL on TV in the US over a decade later. Thank you ExtenZe?

Ah the growing pains just to see more great professional football during the summer and autumn here in the US...perhaps ExtenZe took over the sponsorship rights from the even more questionable likes of the obscure and long-forgotten sponsorship of "Spanish Fly"? :smile:

How about this for funny. Former Dallas Cowboy head coach Jimmy Johnson was a spokesman for Extenze. As a Cowboy fan back then, I was embarrassed for Jimmy knowing he couldn't get it up


I remember that! I remember laughing with regards to the Made for TV branding there too, but he was a good sport apparently with that built-in joke! :sweat_smile:

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When he did, he yelled: How about them Cowboys!