Rogers strikes again ?

Letter attached from Chris Rudge......... basically apologizing to fans for the delays getting into skydome to watch the Sask/Argo game Sat night.
I ask, why does this happen at the Rogers owned skydome when the argo's are playing ? Think I know the answer to that one !

It's almost over. To hell with them.

Rogers lost the battle to kill off the Argos forever and they are pissed. (Why exactly they hate the Argos so much, that I don't really know). Vindictive company and that's why as long as they own the Blue Jays, I won't be a fan of the Blue Jays. But thankfully Rogers couldn't care less about a 59 year old with not a lot of money who doesn't live in Toronto. And I say THANK YOU ROGERS!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And Rogers, now that the Argos are going to be leaving your cereal bowl stadium, now you have to answer to Blue Jays fans that want grass in your stadium and don't lie, it's not a technical issue, it's a money issue but I know, you will say it's the former rather than the latter if grass doesn't go in. We can all read you like a book. Even a comic book. 8)

Someone commented on this on the argo's BBM channel.

Of course Rogers did this on purpose. Any other time, this would bother me, but the argo's future is secure so I don't care as much as I used to and just see this as petty on Roger's part.