Rogers Sportsnet - I'm confused with their CFL coverage

im 6.2 206 so i can play slot or full back ive played bopth before

very amusing, i want slot back. i could be the rick house of the team. 10 steps forward turn catch ball get tackled. no running for this guy..

.......RnR you're already in, didn't your agent contact you? go learn your playbook and read up on the dance rules.............and mongo, you ARE the D line, plug up them holes.........

.......blackdale, when you make that hook I want to see TWIRL that thing......

asw long as i get to wear the tight pants. according to the girls on here that is where its at. gotta please the ladies

i already hot the playbook learnt , wishbone thts my thing, blackdale, pull the terrell owne push ups in the endzone

…the only push ups we’ll be doing are bras ladies…

i cant play d-line, im chlostrphobic if im under a pile i freek and pass out lol

with those tight pants i will do the ned flanders but wiggle. you know the one- when he is in the ski suit. :slight_smile:


Move over Jeremaine Copeland, R&W truly is the new endzone dance master.

I love how this thread has gone out of hand! :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of hand...C'mon Third, we're living out a dream!

For sure, but I want an answer to my original post about Rogers, please!

But, while we're at it with the humour thing, saw this which someone on the TiCat site uses as their signature. Apparently John Candy, who once was a co-owner of the Argos along with Gretzky and McNall, said the following.

(sctv john candy)
it's a a canadian fact!
"in the cfl there really is 4 downs we just kick on 3rd down to be safe"

God be with you John, we miss you!

Man that guy was funny.