Rogers Sportsnet - I'm confused with their CFL coverage

I know that Rogers is a corporate sponsor of the CFL with the Rogers Player of the Game award. However I noticed this morning that on Rogers Sportsnet PM 3 Play, their highlights of the night thing near the end of their sports news casts, the 3 highlights were baseball catches. Now while I'm not an Eskimoes fan, I do think that Tompkins 96 yard punt return for a touchdown was better than any of these catches, more impressive. Yes, Rogers is in deep with their Jays and baseball in general but what gives here, sponsoring the CFL on one hand and not having this return as a highlight? I also noticed that when Jody Vance and Jim VanHorne do a little dance thing on the Sportsnet news, they do it with a soccer ball, baseball and golf ball, again saw this this morning. No football. Ummm. And also the little balls that twirl before the PM 3 Play, the balls are soccer, baseball and golf, again no football. And to end, Headline Sports does a much better job compared with Sportsnet of highlights and wrapup coverage of CFL games, they had someone at last nights game, I forget her name, doing a wrapup. Rogers had no one from what I saw.

Anyone have any insight here, I'm confused with Rogers.

What's so impressive about a baseball catch anyways?...

But I'll tell you what was even more impressive than Tomkins' return for a TD: Loftus' key tackle while Tomkins returned the ball. Man, Robert Grant almost had his head knocked off his body on that collision!

Third_and_Ten wrote:

What's so impressive about a baseball catch anyways?...
You got that right, I have played hardball in the past in the outfield and when you run for a ball, you hardly breat a sweat. Nothing near like running back a punt, which I did in high school, with 12 guys wanting to rip your head off. Yes, that was one heck of a block!

Talking about football, and while this is from the an NFL mag, it applies to football here also, except that here in Canada hockey is the no. 1 sport I guess, but I think the Americans have it right. Not sure I agree entirely with this below but I do agree with the overall tone anyway. All I’m trying to show with this is that football is no. 1 in the States, and I think should be in Canada, no CFL-NFL comparison thing here. The Grey Cup, for me, even if 2 Canadian teams are in the Stanley Cup final, is more important than the Stanley Cup:

"The biggest single reason the NFL is the most popular sport in America today by more than a two-to-one margin over its closest competitor is because its players are doing something 99.9 percent of us can’t do.

Given the right moment, almost any one of us might have a chance at hitting the game-winning shot on the basketball court, get lucky just once and connect with a 95 mile per hour fastball, put a puck or kick a ball into a net, or accomplish some other noteworthy athletic feat. But the only thing we could do if allowed to suit up and step on an NFL field is get hurt, embarrass ourselves and ruin the game for everyone else.

Even more to the point, once we’re done with high school or college, there are still tons of opportunities to play baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer and other sports in which we can compete at a reasonable level. But how many of us get a chance to put on the pads and make a significant impact in a real football game?

NFL players are our society’s ultimate gladiators. It is only through them that many of us can live out our ultimate fantasies, and the Super Bowl is the game’s ultimate spectacle."


[url=] ... sh1929.htm[/url]

Quite honestly, I think I could ruin it for everyone and embarass myself pretty good on a professionnal ice rink, basketball court or soccer field. Sure, we could all get lucky for a second and make something great. But games rarely last only a few seconds, and we'd probably screw up big in the remaining time.

When younger, I played WR, but I never had the chance to try and return a kickoff or a punt. That's something I wish I had tried.

Yes, that is what I was thinking also when I read this but I think the ultimate gladiator thing applies.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that should I suit up to participate in football I would get demolished - but the same (for me) applies to hockey, baseball, basketball. . .Man, I'd get hurt big time. . . :smiley:

Well, now that I think of it, I'm kinda shaped like a kicker... and the way kickers play this year, I could probably fit in the overall portrait.

... at least I can see straight!

Hey, maybe we should get all the huddle members together and create the long-awaited league's tenth team. Sportsmen already said this week he can throw a football as deep as 15 yards. He could be our QB. And RedandWhite could be the coregrapher of our most improbable TD celebrations...

I might be onto something there...

Count me out - I'm too short, and I'd get crushed out there. Best to be an armchair QB for me, I'm afraid.

Too short? Okay, you'll be the kick returner... this has worked well in Montreal!

I'm telling you - I'm shorter than Landry. It wouldn't be pretty. Of course, it might be funny. :smiley:

I can be a coach. Can’t run anymore, the knees are shot and the belly isn’t exactly in “game shape” if you will.

A belly eh? Then you can be a lineman... We'll call you Adriano Belly!

Me QB??? Would they allow me to take my oxegen tank on the field with me?..LOL

Throwing 15 yards would be to my Grandson. I played WR back in Grade 10 when we had leather helmets. (Just kiddin) We were mostly a run team and I think I had a season total 2 catches. Because we were a run team I was fortunate enough to deliver the hits/blocks rather than receive.

I’ll leave the playing to you young-uns. If your coaching spot is available, I’ll throw my name in. If it’s taken, sign me up for water-boy, er water-gramps.

(I will buy tickets though to see Red & White dance!)

......I'm in.......Wide Right-RedandWhite........Mr. Soft Hands Know's What The Ladies me whatever you want just call my number often......put Cutlass on my jersey 'cause I will slice and dice your secondary to pieces......... want want moves dissin's daunting..........

..........T.O. ain't got nuttin on this white trash a$$..........

This I want to see...When do tickets go on sale?

........first dance is 'Texas Hold Em'..........Sporty, after you drop Da Bomb in Mr. Cutlass's palms and I tippytoe across the 'zone I need 3/10, roughyfan and RUNnealonRUN at the 'table' whiles I deal da cards and lookee there, I dealt me an ACE, I'm all IN and win da POT.........then we all fall backward and flop around like landed trout........ a hurry up offence we got to have these moves ready to go......second dance is 'Police Line-Up'..........after Sporty drills a sidearm to Mr. Cutlass I'll scamper down the side, give Wiltshire the 'slip' and goose step across the 'zone.......then I needs our O line: Earl, BigDave, GoEskGo, kirsten84 and Swahgade down in the 'zone, ya each line up and I'll gives ya all a once over to determine who stole Da Show, I'll pick you Big Dave who does a little hip wiggle.........then we all fall backward and flop around like landed trout............

somehow I think the concept of "flop(-ping) around like landed trout" is humourous. Although, if I were to do that, I'd fall to the ground like I got brained with a sack of hammers. I'll settle for a role on the D-line.

........third dance is 'Day at the Spa'.........I'll pull a little hitch to the outside, cut back across the middle, Sporty you hit me on the roll out, I'll just straight arm AJ Gass to oblivion and tom cruise into the 'zone.........then I'll whip out that folding massage bed I cleverly stored in the goalpost padding, strip to my towel and our place holder spankeedisco proceeds to place hot healing stones and aromatherapy oil drops on Mr. Cutlass's back........ahhhh.......then we all fall backward and flop around like landed trout........