Rogers Screws CFL Fans Royally

Voice your displeasure to the CRTC and dump Rogers as your provider.

Last time I checked, we live in Canada where free speech used to be a cherished thing.

This guy has a valid point. He's not arguing about paying for, he's arguing he's paying way too much for it, and he's right.

I'm with Sasktel, and (correct me if I'm wrong), but I believe I'm only paying 7.99 for the sports package that includes TSN (about 8 channels of sports), and then another 10 bucks a month for the high def versions of every channel I subscribe to that has a high def version available to it. Break it down, I think I'm probably only paying maybe 3 or 4 bucks a month for what he's paying over $20. Funny how that seems to be on a Network that has you by the short and curlys. $20 is stupid for one channel.

YOu know something Neilos.
I asked the girl on the phone if I could replace Sportsnet with TSN, and she told me no way.

Used to be you could add an extra channel for two bucks. Now they make you buy these "packages". TSN HD comes with all these channels I don't need.

My monthly cable bill right now is 90 bucks. I ain't paying 10 bucks more a month just to get one channel.

CFL fans are getting screwed by Rogers.
Tom Wright should have considered this when he made that horrible TV deal last year.

No kidding. Sinc he is a Rogers customer though, he is in the ideal position to send a message that really can make a difference to Rogers, unlike the plethora of threads on this forum will do. That is, find an alternative (dish, another cable co.), switch and write to Rogers saying exactly why he switched (1. charge too much for tsn that carries cfl and 2) he is supporting nfl rather than cfl, etc.). If he doesn't do the letter/e-mail part, they can't read minds and will not know the real reason and will not be able to measure/forecast the impact of his and other like-minded peoples' negative impact on their overall business.

I have no choice but Rogers. I live in a condo in a highrise. I face the wrong way for a satellite dish. I'm stuck with Rogers or nothing.

Bell doesn't have TV over the phone lines in the GTA? Where I live (small city in eastern Québec), we are serviced by Telus so I am less familiar with Bell, but I just switched from Cogego (cable) to telus, which transmits tv signal over their phone lines. Downside is that they don't have HD ...yet (but they say it is coming in autumn). I'd be surprised if Bell doesn't offer a similar service since the phone co.'s all seem to move in synch for these kinds of things.

i'm talking about the entire USA that has been blacked out by dealings of this commissioner. and of the many people in canada who do NOT have cable and CBC also had CFL taken away from them.

we saw an idiot cfl commissioner backed by idiot owners not to many years ago try to expand the CFL to vegas, memphis, sacremento, etc and that idiot commissioner and his owners nearly ruined the cfl completely then. now a new fool as commisioner has decided to black out canadian football from the usa.

whats worse - there are canadian hicks on this board quite happy with that just as they probably were when larry smith and his airhead ideas nearly ended this league.

...don't know about you, neilca, but my sports package is $4.99/month through sasktel...same as all the other theme the price discrepancy would be even greater...

well for hd in usa?

cohon the little rich son of mcdonalds canada - cohon he got games in usa televised on "ZOOM HD CHANNEL" a few i think. only problem is ZOOM is NOT on either direct tv or dishnet. and only a few cable companies even carry it and it is expensive for those that do.

this cohon should quit his job with this league - he is an utter disgrace

daddys little rich boy with the silver spoonin his mouth

Grow up already...

I wasn't talking USA. There is another thread for that topic which, if I recall correctly, you are an active participant already. I really feel for you and will write the Commissioner about the matter, but it is not what this thread is about.

Bell expressvue offers TSN HD for free if you subcribe to TSN SH.
Its the same with the movie network